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History of Surfing - Escuela Cántabra de Surf



We started surfing at the age of 6, thanks to my parents. From that first moment we entered the water, we quickly understood that it was the place we belonged to. Our parents taught us to surf, in an era where everything was pure fun, where everyone on the beach knew each other, everything was very ” naive ” and we never thought that later we were going to dedicate ourselves professionally to compete and surf all over the world.

From the first day my father pushed me on that wave, all I wanted to do was to be in the water for as long as possible and continue to learn and improve.

Surfing has been everything in our lives and I am immensely grateful. Thanks to the surf I have known many countries, it has given me the opportunity to travel, to know cultures and many of my best friends I have known them in the water. With only 16 years, I decided to bet on a project, the creation of Escuela Cantabra de Surf, on the beach of Somo, which would later change our lives.

Without a reference in Spain and with very clear ideas, the school was born with a philosophy, which remains intact until today; Transmit and teach all our knowledge and experience on the world of surfing. To approach this wonderful sport and to make them understand that surfing is not only a sport, but a way of seeing and understanding life … and after more than 27 years, I think that has been the success of the school; Knowing how to convey the love we feel for the sea and for the waves.

Without any support, except the one of our family and with the same illusion that we maintain today, began our walk. It was a wonderful time and I remember how we loaded our boards and suits every day, we crossed the bay from Santander to Somo, we pinned a sign on the beach, indicating that we were surfing classes and stayed there day and night, until our arrivals arrived. 1st students. That summer we taught surfing about 20 people, many of whom stayed to sleep with us on the beaches, or in our houses, what they now call SURF CAMPS and in this way began this beautiful madness.

historia del surf

This is a small story, about the many, stories, anecdotes … people who have been going through these years for our lives, that we want to share with you, as a way to bring the history of the school to everyone. Because in the end, the school, has been and is a great family and although impossible to remember everyone, yes we carry you inside our head and heart …

We hope you like it and come back to see you soon in the water. David García “Capi” Director and founder of the Escuela Cantabra de Surf, since 1991.



With the little money we won the 1st year, we traveled to the Canaries to surf and train. On the return of the surfari, we asked for an application for the occupation of the old Somo lifeguards’ shed, the City Council of Ribamontán al Mar. 

historia del surfThe demarcation of coasts of Cantabria gave us its authorization; So we got what would be the first seat of the Cántabra Surf School, Somo beach. This house for many years has literally been our house, we spent all day there, we slept and ate there and were happy years, where the important thing was to be as close to the waves as possible. At night, we always made a bonfire, guitars, harmonicas and djembes sounded, imploring Neptune to bring us good waves. The school soon became a nerve center for “characters” who had the same way of seeing life, which was nothing other than surfing, surfing and surfing, until they surrendered. 

We continue to believe and bet on us, maintaining our illusion to teach surfing and the school was gradually taking form and strength and we put all the heart and passion.

That year we got all the titles approved by the European Surfing Federation, we painted a very good mural on one side of the booth, we painted the name of the school on the other side next to the logo, a version that made us My cousin Víctor of the Cántabra trail, which has its origin in the mythology of our land and has accompanied us since the beginning of school, as a great talisman.

Under the skepticism of many people, who considered that surfing is a self-taught sport (many of which now have schools), we continue to believe and bet on us, maintaining our illusion to teach surfing and the school gradually took shape and Strength, putting all the heart and passion, so that the Cantabra School of Surfing was a referent, as later it has been, in Spain and Europe.



One more winter we traveled to the Canary Islands to train and surf and on the way we talked with our friend Hugo (Full & Cas) to start making specific school tables, which had volume and buoyancy, for our students to learn quickly. They were polyester boards, not softboards, as currently used by most schools. So, in the morning we taught and in the evenings we used to fix the boards. In these years the people who helped me most were my family, my friend Nel and the great Benito Rodicio, who was the one who took care of the Cántabra School of Bodyboard from the beginning.

historia del surfIn fact it’s funny, because I remember we almost gave more body classes, than surfing in those years. Our own sponsors began to help us and the school began to consolidate. The frenetic life of the booth marked our rhythms of life and more and more curious people approached and fluttered around the school, to ask and to inform themselves, that it was that of learning to surf. 

The surf camp was also growing as we were getting more students. It was an incredible year of waves, the sea filled us with batteries and we began to see how our effort of the first years, began to give its reward. 


In the fourth year of the School, we started training kids from the village and created the SURF TEAM SURF SCHOOL, with which we went out to compete and travel all over Spain.

In the fourth year of the School , we started to train kids from the town and created the SURF TEAM SURF SCHOOL , with which we went out to compete and travel all over Spain. For years, this team got very good results, with boys like Juan Requivila, Marcos Dobarganes, Javi Espigares, who later would be champions and runner-up of Spain, in their respective categories. It has always been a source of pride to help and promote the surf of young promises, since in essence, this is what we believe a surf school should be, specializing in the sport base and creating a good quarry. The beach of Somo has always been a place of reference, as far as the surf is concerned; The first tables, the first surfing suits were born here and there is a strong tradition and surf culture, which has been consolidated in recent years, with the recognition of the area as the first surfing reserve in Spain. 

The School, I think it has played an important role in this positioning of Somo, making the town known to many people, not only to surfers, something that being of the people, has always filled us with satisfaction. We have always been aware of the privileged place where we have grown up and see how surfing has grown in our area is a joy. We have always considered that surf does not understand races, colors, sexes, religions …. Anyone who can feel, can surf. Surfing does not exclude, unite and we are not just hippies, we surf. Surf and its culture has broken many of these taboos and is not here by the way, but increasingly the revolution of surfing.

At the end of the season we traveled to the Canaries and Morocco to train and surf.


It is a critical year in our history. With the new Law of Demarcation of Coasts, our house was finally demolished and with it, many of our best memories and years. What until then had been “our house” disappears and again, we have to look for life. It was definitely a turning point, we no longer had school, everything we had struggled in these first few years was falling, but instead of throwing the towel, we decided to continue betting for us and we got a new place on foot Beach in Somo and so, we have to have our new headquarters, just where is the current school today. The booth years passed to a better life and we began to professionalize more and more the school, our classes and we were improving our methodology. With the help of my cousins, Fosi, Raúl, friends like Juanjo, Gonzalo “Mac” and my brother Nachete, we managed to make a jump in quality and in the end was one of the best years of school. 

This year we understood that everything was in our hands and that we were not going to throw in the towel, nor was it going to be so easy to end our dream and our desire to teach surfing. We knew that whatever happened in our lives, we were going to continue paddling.


The Surf Team returned to bear fruit, obtaining several championships and sub championships of Spain.

With the new place running, we started to train more young Cantabrian promises and the surf team returned to bear fruit, obtaining several championships and sub championships of Spain.We were still working with polyester boards, but every time we traveled abroad, we realized that the future of surfing schools was going to go the other way. It was then, when we met Ruben “the gringo”, who had worked at the Richard Schmidt Academy, possibly the best surfing school in the world, operating in Santa Cruz (California) since 1978. For us this was the school with capital letters. He gave us many ideas and we started putting them into practice. Years later, Rubén would happen to be the one in charge of the school in California and as soon as we had the opportunity to travel to visit him we did it. 

The school every year was professionalized and we saw how many students, came back, repeated and word of mouth, a symptom of doing things right, made the school grow. We continued with the same instructors: Juanjo, Gonzalo, my cousin Fosi, my brother Nachete and Beni in Bodyboard. At the end of the season we were 4 months surfari by Morocco and the Canary Islands, to return with the full energies, for a new year.


We improved Surf Camp and increased the number of monitors, with Ruben “the gringo” and Australian surfers, who brought wise new to the School. Just as in California, schools proliferated, in Australia there was Cheyne Horan , which for us was a surfing mecca and one of our greatest idols as a child. In Spain also began other schools of surf. I think this year was one of the biggest leap qualitative, as far as the quality of the classes, we gave. New ideas, new teachers; We were like sponges and this I think has also been one of the greatest successes of the school. We have never believed ourselves to be better or worse than anyone. If there is something that I like and can be beneficial to my students, why not put it into practice. In life you have to learn from everyone and especially in surfing, you continue to learn and improve continuously. Consider surfing, as a martial art, in which it takes a lifetime to understand it and another to master it.

During these years, the competition was very important in our lives and I especially obtained very good results at regional, national and European level. Surf and compete? Why not. It is in our nature to be competitive, some we are more and others less, but as far as surfing is concerned, at this time, the only way to progress, was to travel and compete, see other surfers, other styles and how to always be a sponge , Learn and improve. Improving myself, I improved the School. If we all improved as surfers, we could give better classes and this became an “obsession” for years. We have to improve, we have to improve, we can be better and there is only one way … More hours of saltpeter. I’m going to the water.



We open and improve a new Surf Camp, combining the surf with the camping. Inside the camp, we recovered something that we had never lost during these years, the spirit of the house. People from all over the world spent this year for Surf Camp and School, which was consolidated as a benchmark at national level and in Europe. New instructors, new ideas. The family of the Cantabra Surf School continued to grow and to have the winters free, because in these years, few crazy, dared to teach surfing in winter, this gave us the opportunity to travel to surf new waves around the world, Acquiring new ideas and experiences, which have subsequently positively influenced the functioning of the school.

We started working with schools and institutes, bringing the sport closer to the youngest and every year we started to hold a local championship on Somo beach, a legacy that for years they have been developing, two of the most influential surfers in Cantabria, Laura Revuelta and Zalo Campa, with Xpeedin Surf Shop, 1st surf shop of Cantabria and pioneer in Spain. Subsequently and unknowingly at that time, our lives would cross forever.



Every time people valued more positively the work we were doing, which was fine, but I have never done anything thinking what others would say, if not possibly the Cantabria Surf School did not exist today. I had my family by my side, good friends and the family of the School was getting older. My life made sense. In fact, thanks to surfing and the School, I have managed to focus my life and get away from many negative things. Surfing has always been my best therapy.

We went from organizing those old local championships, to organizing the 1st Open Championship, Cantabrian Surf School, something that we have consolidated over the years, to become a national reference championship.

This year we were especially focused on improving the School and Surf Camp.

We continued with the Surf Team of the School, promoting and training new promises that were emerging from the Cantabrian surf.

Together with the help of Juanjo and my brother Nachete, we went from organizing those old local championships to organizing the 1st Open Championship, Cantabrian Surf School, something that we have consolidated over the years, to become a national reference championship. Our sponsors, seeing our work and results began to get more involved, not only supporting us, but actively doing it with the School, understanding that the work we were doing on Somo beach was very positive.

One more winter we travel to the Canaries and Morocco.



The surf and its industry continued to grow and the School continued with its progessive evolution. My cousins ??Fosi and Raúl, Gonzalo, Juanjo, Beni, my brother Nachete and many other instructors continued collaborating in the School. I had traveled this year for over 3 months in Australia and New Zealand where I had been teaching at many of the world’s most prestigious schools. When I returned to Somo and started with classes, I remember how the quality of the classes was increasing. Our surfing was improving and with it the level of our classes. I’ve always heard that it does not take a good surfer to be a good surf teacher. In a way it is true that there are good surfers who are not good communicators, but how do you explain to a student how to make a maneuver that you have never done in dreams? I think a good surf instructor has to be a good surfer and good communicator.

We were still children, but we had already traveled and surfed in many parts of the world and each time we acquired more knowledge and we were putting them into practice in the School, which continued to grow, just like Surf Camp.

We organized the II Open Cantabrian Surf School and in the middle of the summer we expanded the Surf Camp. It was no longer tens, but hundreds of students passing through the School. The experience as in everything is a degree and the pioneering School in Spain had almost 10 years of teaching surfing, with new challenges.



The School had become small and we decided to expand it, inaugurating a new headquarters, with better and more modern facilities, with the inclusion of a Surf Shop.Almost everything we sold came from things we bought from our travels and small samples we got from our cousins. The store and the new headquarters reflected the 10 years of School. We had worked hard and had given lots of classes and spent many hours in the sun and exalted. We felt fortunate that things were going well for us and that the School was represented, as we thought it deserved. Each year we tried to expand the Surf Camp and professionalize the School, with the best national and international monitors, making the Cantabrian Surf School one of the best surf schools in Europe.

We traveled to train the Canaries and Morocco and the return of champion of Spain of Surf, in the beach of Laredo and regional champion of Cantabria. For more than 10 years I kept on the national top and Surf Team, each time getting better results. We continued to improve our surfing, it was our main motivation and unconsciously, as we improved, it was towards the School.

One more year, we organized the III Open Championship, Cántabra Surf School.



With the new School, more students arrived. Somo was on the map and the School was consolidating. We expanded and improved Surf Camp and Surf Shop. Hundreds of students passed through the school this year. They also did new monitors, like Alber, Mon, Juanjo, Moro …. But without a doubt, if there was a visit that filled us with joy, it was that of Tom Curren, 3 times World Surf Champion, legend and one of our idols, who visited the School and surfed with him for a few days. I grew up with a poster of Tom Curren on my bed, a photo of him, getting a wild bottom turn in Hawaii and now he was in Somo, visiting the school.

We hardly received a call from Port Aventura, who wanted to hire us for the inauguration of Costa Caribe, an aquatic section, where the monitors of the School had to make an exhibition and inaugurate a pool with waves. I remember this trip as if it were yesterday. We traveled in the van my cousin Raul, Manas, Chuchi (as team manager of the school) my brother Nachete and I. We were over excited with the possibility of surfing a wave pool, but upon arriving there, the “waves” were a disaster. Even so, we managed to surf them and spent a movie weekend, surrounded by celebrities and a thousand stories that like Las Vegas, stay there, but the laughter still lasts today.

That same year a documentary on the history of the School was realized.

At the end of the season we traveled through Portugal, France, England Canaries and ended up in the South of Morocco, a classic.

We organized the IV Open Cantabrian Surf School.



This year we traveled to Santa Cruz (California), where we were at Richard Schmidt’s school. The difference between his school and ours was still abysmal, but we began to see that there were many things in our methodology and way of teaching surf, which we were doing very well.

Each time we had more students and this motivated us to do things better and continue to place our School, as a reference in Spain and one of the most prestigious schools in Europe.

The softboards had already arrived at the School, the wetsuits had improved and we were more and more experienced and we felt more comfortable teaching to surf. We worked with colleges, institutes, universities … surfing was no longer as Aline for the people as it used to be. Each time we had more students and this motivated us to do things better and continue to place our School, as a reference in Spain and one of the most prestigious schools in Europe.

The sponsors were turning more and more with us and the School.The Open Cántabra Surf School, Somo beach attracted more and more competitors, and the School, as we thought of its origin, continued to offer us the opportunity to continue improving our surfing and continue to travel around the world. After training in Morocco and the Canary Islands, we traveled to Panama and Costa Rica, where we would return years later.



The Cántabra School helps the production of a documentary about surfing in Cantabria “Tsunami”, by Patxi Gabela , with David García and ECS as main protagonists. It was a very fun experience, recording good sessions and bringing together many of the best surfers and crew of Cantabria in one video.

I would still be traveling, but it was this year, when I bought a new marriage, Xpeedin’ Surf Shop, one of the most emblematic stores in Spain

The School was giving more and more work and after many years competing, on the road from side to side, sleeping on the van, I decided to temporarily leave the competition and began to dedicate myself exclusively to making videos, reports, trips around the world And relaunch surfing, especially in Cantabria, as a way of understanding life. If he wanted the school to grow up and start training kids more assiduously in winter, he could not be 4 or 5 months away from home, as he was doing. I would still be traveling, but it was this year when I acquired a new marriage, Xpeedin’ Surf Shop , a pioneering surf shop in Spain, founded in 1977 by Zalo Campa and Laura Revuelta, also based in Somo. It was one of those things that happened by chance. Xpeedin Surf and the school are within 50 meters and I always got along very well with Zalo and Laura. For us they were our idols and the idea of ??collecting his legacy, along with my brother Nachete, seemed a dream to me. I remember how my parents took us to the store when we were little. My first board, my first suit, everything that came from the world of surfing, magazines, videos … we came through Xpeedin. It is a hard core surfing shop in all its essence. It smells of surfing and much of the history of surfing in Spain, is enclosed within its walls. Are we really going to take us Xpeedin? It was and is a dream. When I see many kids coming into the store and buying their 1st board or suit, I see their eyes and I totally identify with them. That brilliance, that self-determination, knowing that you have found your identity, that you know what you want to do now and forever. “If Mom, I want to be a surfer.”

Carrying Xpeedin has not been easy, For us it is not a business, but a legacy, a responsibility, it is our shop, it is where we have grown up and I hope someday my children, who Already run around the surf shop and are stunned to see the posters, the tables, as his father did, take over and follow the legacy.

Returning to School, this year came Australian and Californian friends to help in the School, who teamed with the most experienced national and local.

One more year, we celebrate the V Open Cántabra Surf School and at the end of the season we train in Morocco and the Canaries, and then surf in South Africa.



It’s a good year for the School. New projects arise and after 15 years teaching surfing, we sit down with our sponsors to thank them for their support during these years and to tell them that we are going to give a new turn and a new dimension to the School. Much to be thankful in this life and especially many brands that have been supporting us since very young. THANK YOU.

Thanks to them and the efforts of my monitors, many of whom today have more than 15 years of experience teaching surfing, new material, new facilities to Beach foot, make ECS recognized and continue to grow and evolve.

Instructors such as Olivier “Ozzy”, Gonzalo, Ajan, Mon, Chemita, Valen, Chimpo, Moro, Alber, Juanjo, Nachete … work this year with us.

We continue to work in the School with more enthusiasm than ever; We love what we do and we maintain the spirit and the initial philosophy of the School.

We improved again the SURF CAMP, which goes from 50 to 100 places.

We celebrate the VI Open Cantabrian School of Surf, we continue to grow, surfing …. And dreaming. At the end of the season we traveled to the Canaries, Brazil and Indonesia.



After many years being supported by different sponsors, the Cantabrian School of Surf fiches by Quiksilver, Roxy, NSP & Surftech. They are marks with which we have always felt identified and that give us the possibility to improve the image of the School. We have spent all our lives in the world and the surfing industry and we have never been mercenaries, but we have been in the hands of people, projects, people that we admire and respect and this, as were the previous ones Sponsors, is the case. The school extends family and merge with Quiksilver & Roxy, is to do with Barca or Madrid. They are leaders in their sector and if we want to have a powerful school, we have to be with the best. The truth is that we feel very fortunate to be on your team; Looking back, are now over 10 years and we feel loved, respected and supported. Having the seal of Quiksilver & Roxy is a prestige, but at the same time a responsibility and from the 1st moment we have understood, that we will continue to be the SURF CAMPAIGN SCHOOL , whatever happens, staying true to our way of seeing and understanding How it has to be a surf school.

We reformed, improved and expanded Surf Camp and surf school. We started working on a new project, the Surf House “The Surf House”, in the village of Somo, where we combine classes and accommodation in a single package, just like we do in the Camps. The first Surfhouse in Somo that turns 10 years now.

Many alumni go through the School and new additions come to the School, such as Andrew “Ozzy”, Felix and David (Canary Islands), Kike (Argentine) and the school team that has been working for so many years; Undoubtedly one of the best monitor templates in Europe today.

We introduce in the Surf Shop of the School a lot of technical material; + 200 surfboards, keels, wetsuits, inventions, grips … the best brands and everything under the advice of the monitors of the Cantabrian Surf School.

We celebrated several championships like the King of The Grooms of Quiksilver, the Mosquito Tour of Electric, and the VIII Open Cantabrian School of Surf, a test that consolidates annually and in that year we had very good waves.

Together with Quiksilver & Roxy we celebrate one of the races of Quiksilver Raquerucos Surf Tour, on the beach of Somo; A test where the important thing is the promotion of the base surf and where we saw the great moment of the national surf. The future is assured … and is seen every day in the water.

It is a good year of surfing and hundreds of students are passing through the ECS.

At the end of the season, the ECS monitors make a 2-month training trip to Morocco and the Canaries, then set sail for Peru and Ecuador; Where they surf the entire coast to the Colombian border. An amazing trip of 60 days, with very good waves … and better stories.


With the help of Quiksilver & Roxy, we started to celebrate more specific Surf Camps, such as Surf Camps Minor and Surf Camp Roxy, more focused on kids and girls. Son Surf Camps are new and fun, where in addition to surfing we do many other parallel activities such as Skate, or sup later. Surfers from all over the world come to our summer camps and classes, where fun is always guaranteed.

We again celebrate several championships in Somo as the Mosquito Surf Tour, by Electric; SurfTech Tour; The King of the Grooms of Quiksilver and not the Open Cantabra Surf School, in early September.

We have an unexpected visit that fills us with joy. On their world tour with Roxy, they visit the school Sofia Mulanovich, Megan Abubo and Chelsea, world surfing champions.

A summer full of good times, with the culmination of an epic wave trip for 3 months in Australia and New Zealand.

The Surf House, “Casa del Surf”, opened its doors on June 1, in Somo. We also launched the new website www.escuelacantabradesurf.com and launched the webcam.



Several important tests will be held this year at Somo beach: Electric Mosquito Surf Tour (24 and 25 May); The SurfTech Tour (May 26 and 27); The King Of The Grooms (26 and 27 July) the X Open Cantabrian Surf School (in early September) … and we also held a test for girls only. Female surf is booming and thank goodness, more and more girls are seen waging war on the water. 

The school grows considerably this year and new instructors are part of the school’s crew, Australians and Californians impregnate their knowledge of the school and Jorge begins to take the Surf Camp, giving it an important quality jump.

We started working with different municipalities throughout Spain and managed to get the surf within the universities of Cantabria.

We relaunched the brand Xpeedin and ECS in clothing, accessories, surfboards.

It is a year of very good waves and at the end of the season we travel through California, Australia and New Zealand, where we return to visit many of the schools we had visited and worked.



We recorded a video about the history of the School. A documentary with unpublished images of all these years.

Many good sessions throughout the year, especially in the Canary Islands, where we feel like our second home. It is there, where the possibility of launching a new wave pool in Tenerife, Xian park arises. A unique experience that we have been fortunate to visit on numerous occasions and which we recommend to everyone. Surfing in a pool is something amazing and the site is a flipe.

We have two new visits from two legends of the surfing world, Jeff Hackman and Tom Carrol. My brother Nachete had a poster above his little bed, where Occy came out and beside him the mythical snap of Carrol, bursting Pipe.

We continue with the special Surf Camps for Boys and Girls Roxy and celebrating different championships in the beach of Somo, like King of the Grooms and the Open of the Cantabrian School of Surf. At the end of the season we traveled to Costa Rica and Panama.


A new project enters Somo and the municipality receives money to boost tourism, with surfing as the main hallmark. The School supports and supports this project, which will culminate in the creation of the Surf Center and a skate park in Somo, among many other actions. I remember skateboarding outside of Xpeedin when I was little and I love having a skate park back in town. The kids are excited and it’s time to get back to skateboarding in the area.

The School is immersed in a frenzied activity and we receive more and more students and more nationalities in the School and Surf Camp. Very good team this year, with the addition of several new instructors such as Charly, Chencho, Jorge, Deivi Carlos, Ali who join the strong block of the school (Mon, Manu, Juanjo, Alber, Ajan, Valen, Nachete …)

With the arrival of our 20th anniversary, we decided to launch the 1 Surf Festival, Skate & Music School Cántabra de Surf, in early September. It is a festival where we do a national surfing test, a skateboarding and a two-day music festival, with bands, djs, a big sporting event and a party to close the summer. Since then we have repeated this festival year by year, improving it and bringing to the town more and better musicians, surfers and riders.

A party for and for surfing in which you are all invited. The truth is that this first year of the festival was crazy and attended a lot of people, to which we are grateful, for wanting to celebrate that date so important for us, the 20 years of school.
With the support of Quiksilver and Roxy, we continue to celebrate the younger and younger Surf Camps, which are getting more and more popular every year.

A good year of waves, a very important year in our lives, we grow older, but we continue with the same illusion and hopefully we have health to continue giving much war, for many more years.

At the end of the season we traveled to one of the most amazing surftrips we have ever done, Jamaica, to travel to the surfing mecca and stay all winter training in Hawaii, on the islands of Oahu, Maui and Kaui. A dream come true and we would soon return. One is not 100% surfer until you have not challenged with the Hawaiian waves and when you do, humility blossoms.



I think after taking more than 20 years doing one thing, teaching surfing, you may think that in a way you dominate teaching, but in surfing things are not like that. Every day the sea is different, the funds change, the currents, the students are different and the surf is always teaching you. This I think is one of the main things that draws us all from surfing. If you try it, you’re hooked. I’ve seen it so many times. We have taught so many people and someday, that day when you turn your back on the sea and think you have it mastered, it will be the day when you give a fright. The sea will always be more powerful than you, always, do not forget.

I think, that this has helped me to give a new focus to the School and to know when to renew and when to put the batteries. I do not like to relax and if I say that I sell a quality, I like to give that quality. To this day, I am sure that many of these objectives are being fulfilled, but … I do not fall asleep, I will never give my back to the sea, I want to continue learning and teaching to surf, it continues learning, it continues to improve And each session is distinct, unique and unrepeatable.

I have been surfing since I was a little boy and a surfing teacher since I was 15 years old. I’ve been surfing and going to school all my life. I look back and feel proud of what we have been doing all these years.

The School is known, people (not everyone) respect what we do and the family of the Cantabrian Surf School is growing.

It is a year of changes and reforms, new projects arise, but the bulk of the monitors of the School is the same. Some new addition, such as Ben and Bradt (the two Australian insiders) responsible for prestigious schools in Byron Bay (Australia) spend the summer with us.

The Minor Surf Camps and Roxy are a success. We are celebrating several events in Somo, such as the King of the Grooms and as the most important event of the year together with the Cantabrian surfing federation, we celebrate the Pro Junior Cantabria Infinita.

Likewise, we celebrated again the 2 Surf Festival, Skate and Music Cantabra Surf School.It is a success and although it takes a lot of work behind, it is worth bringing surfing to new people and normalize our sport to the rest of the people. Many of you do not know, but if we were fingered and rejected in many places years ago. Now surfing is fashionable, it comes out in the media and sticks with the surf culture, but in the end, no matter what happens, the essence of surfing will remain intact. We are in transit, but the surfing will be.

Who did not stay the winter here in Somo was me and I went to train Canaries and Indonesia, while my brother Nachete traveled to Senegal.



Again a turning point in the history of the School. 22 years in the teaching of surfing give for many stories and anecdotes and hopefully someday have the time to put them all in a book or story, but to this day when I look at the past, it gives vertigo. However, when I think about the future, I am delighted to think of another 22 years at the helm of this beautiful project. From a very small, they call me “Capi” as captain. I do not know if I will be carrying the School to good use, but at least I have a clear conscience and I know where I want to go, because I think and see the School in the same way I saw it more than two decades ago.

When I think of the future, I am delighted to think of another 22 years at the head of this beautiful project

Things change, but the School is being recycled and that is precisely what we have done at the end of this season. The School had become small again and we decided to unify all the premises and do a super work, to give better service to our students. We want to remain a school of reference and not remain stuck in the past. When you hit the first one you always hit twice, but the difficult thing is not to get there, but to remain the # 1 surf school in Spain. We have strength for many years and the mind totally recycled. More obsessed with surfing than when we were little, every day I love more what I do and for that I feel a fortunate.

I defend my profession as a surf instructor. I’ve been teaching surfing for many years and I know that the new school is going to be the bomb, because things when you do them honestly and with the heart, can not be more than positive.

One more year, we have been focusing on improving the School, classes, Surf Camps, we have realized the smaller Surf Camps and Roxy Girls, the King of the Grooms Championship along with Quiksilver and we celebrated the 3 Surf, Skate and Music Festival, which Every year is exceeded and every year is better organized and motivates us to make it bigger and better, with a goal, the 25th anniversary that we hope to do something very fat.

This year I made a surftrip that I have always wanted to do, a searching through Caribbean, surfing in countries like Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico …

While my brother Nachete has gotten himself into a very beautiful project, in Mama Africa, in Ghana, which is called One Love Cantabra Surf School and that fuses teaching, with African culture and surfing, taking kids out of the street and giving them A 2nd chance.

The School has already carried out other projects in Africa, especially in Morocco and we hope to continue to help and carry our passion for all corners of the world. Sharing is loving.



After spending the whole winter immersed in the mega reform of the new School, finally the new headquarters is a reality. It was several months of hard work, but we are very happy about the “new School”. We are located, where we have always been, but with a surf school and surf shop more spacious and more comfortable to work, where we can give a better service to our students. If you have not met us yet, come and see him and if you have not surfed with us yet, we encourage you to do so.

After years of teaching in Surf Camps, new projects and new websites such as the Cantabrian School of Skate www.escuelacantabradeskate.com and the Cantabrian School of SUP

Www.escuelacantabradesup.com see the light and we start with the CHANNEL TV of the school, where we compiled many of the videos and surftrips of these years and we bring to the public the life and the experience of the School, with videos tutorials, surfaris and different activities Which summarize the daily life of the School.

It is one of the best years in terms of waves and good weather in Cantabria and new students arrive at our facilities and those who already know us are surprised with the new school and the different accommodation options introduced by the School, as an accommodation facility All his students.

It’s a fun year and Surf Camps like Roxy Camp   and the   Surf Camp Minors continue to grow.

Surf Camp Roxy


Surf Camp Kids


The year culminates with a new celebration of the Cántabra Surf School Festival , which in its 4th edition expands on days and activities, introducing a European test of Sup, a Championship of Longskate and the already consolidated national championships of Skate, 15th Open Surf and Music festival.

Video IV Festival Escuela Cantabra de Surf


As always we approach the QuikPro of France and the Rip Curl of Portugal to see if we stick to some of the pros and during the winter we continue training the Surf Team Escuela Cántabra both Surf and Skate .

New sponsors like GoPro, RedBull, Carver, Volkswagen, House of Marley support the school.

The School, as in the last years is open all year and during the winter part of the Surf Team we traveled to train the Canaries, where we launched a new episode to then travel to South West Australia, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. In short, a year of pure surfing, with very good stories, many laughs and where many special people have passed through our lives, which we hope to see again very soon.

Canary Islands



Episodio 7 | Australia Surftrip, Escuela Cantabra de Surf from ESCUELA CANTABRA DE SURF on Vimeo.


After returning from surfari we found a desolating panorama on our beach of Somo and Loredo, as well as all along the north coast. One of the largest waves of waves ever recorded destroyed our beaches. Fortunately the force of nature restored stability, but I think many people were aware.

Winter of waves, summer of few waves, but again an autumn and winter where the sea did not stop pumping.
We extend class schedules and this certainly provides the possibility to make even lower ratios and give a better service to all our students.

This year we have a large team of instructors, with a lot of experience and who have undoubtedly left their mark on how to see and understand the teaching of surfing at the School. New reforms in the School, Surf Camp and Surf House.

We continue opening all year and a large number of new students and repeaters are approaching the School since the beginning of Easter.

Renewed spirits throughout the surf team of the School that begins a motivating year for all, being rewarded the effort and / work of the last years.
We continue with Surf, Skate and Sup classes daily and recording the episodes and different actions, events and news that are emerging in the frenetic pace of the School within our Channel TV www.escuelacantabradesurf.com/tv
Throughout July we continued with the Roxy Surf Camps and the Minor Surf Camps.

Video SurfCamp Roxy

SURF CAMP ROXY 2014 – Escuela Cantabra de Surf from ESCUELA CANTABRA DE SURF on Vimeo.

Video SurfCamp Kids 1

SURF CAMP MENORES 2014 – Escuela Cantabra de Surf from ESCUELA CANTABRA DE SURF on Vimeo.

Video SurfCamp Kids 2

SURF CAMP MENORES 2014 Segunda Edicion – Escuela Cantabra de Surf from ESCUELA CANTABRA DE SURF on Vimeo.

We celebrate different events and events as always the School Festival, the best example of the firm commitment of the School to promote Surfing, Skate, SUP and Longskate with the fusion of another of his great passions, music. This year the waves and weather accompanied throughout the festival and we saw the 16th Open Cántabra surf school a great level of surf. 

Video XVI Open Surf

XVI Open Escuela Cantabra de Surf – 5º Festival ECS from ESCUELA CANTABRA DE SURF on Vimeo.

V Festival Escuela Cantabra de Surf

5 Festival Escuela Cantabra de Surf from ESCUELA CANTABRA DE SURF on Vimeo.

During September, October and November we were able to enjoy very good sessions and many of those who already know it, did not miss these dates and we were able to focus on the training classes and the Surf Team training of the School and surf clinics.
Ending an intense season and again looking at maps and preparing the bags; With the desire to travel and look for good waves and adventures, this time for Brazil and Puerto Rico, while working hard and super excited about the celebration of the 25th anniversary of 2015. Guuuauu !! 25 years of Cantabrian Surf School and the magic continues. 


It is a very special year for all of us and it is that we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the School

It is a very special year for all of us and it is that we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the School and although to celebrate years may not like many, in our case makes us very excited, because they are years fighting and living a dream that looking back, we Makes us feel proud and remember many good people and wonderful people who have passed through our lives during these years and to whom we are eternally grateful. But this is not the time to be nostalgic, on the contrary, the School continues working to continue being a constant reference in the teaching of surf in Spain and Europe.Many new additions in surf classes and modern teaching methods, with an unbeatable monitors template, which make it one of the best years.

We continue with the illusion of teaching the magic of surf to all the people who pass through the School of Somo and during the beginning of the season we started with different actions and promotions to make known the School and surfing. We held two 25th Anniversary parties, one in Santander and another in Somo, which give way to the party of the year, the 25th Anniversary Festival that this year celebrated the 17th Open Surf School Cántabra, the 5 Championship Skate and the 6th Music Festival. A celebration attended by a large number of visitors and where we could see many of the best local, national and European riders. An event that consolidates year after year and that has become one of the biggest events of its style within the national panorama.

Our sponsors Quiksilver, Roxy, GoPro, House of Marley, Volkswagen, Carver Skateboards and Red Bull continue to support the School’s work.

Many national media echo the news of the 25th anniversary of the School and during the summer the School consolidates the Surf Camps Roxy and Minor, along with some surfing clinics of perfection and we continue with the training of the Surf Team Cántabra Surf School.

We returned to launch the webcam, after a short break and the On-Line store of the School is consolidated. We continue with surf, skate and SUP classes daily, including winters.

At the end of the season we traveled to the Canaries and Puerto Rico to train and then to Brazil, in an unforgettable surftrip on the island of Fernando de Noronha.

A great year, 2015, 25 seasons giving surf lessons, it seems like yesterday when it all started.

I am grateful to all Surf School Team that this year has done such a special job and with which we have had such good times and all the people who have been through the School and Surf Camps. Thanks to tod @ s, we continue to create our history.



After returning from Surftrip, little by little all the instructors of the school are incorporating us for a new season. During the winter the school has remained open as in the last years and many monitors have stayed to follow the activity of the school with classes of surf of perfection and training to the surf team of the school. It is a winter of powerful waves in Cantabria and in general, one of the best years of waves and time that I remember.

The school starts strongly during the weekends until Easter, which, as in previous years, is the pistoletazo of the season. May bridges flow until June, where we work especially with colleges and universities throughout the country.

The boom of surf schools has already reached everywhere and many times the work of the surf federations, especially the Spanish, does not help the professionalism of surf schools. Institutions that should be the greatest defenders of our sport, but often have the opposite effect; More interested in flooding hopeful young surfers with illusions with surfing titles in Castelldefels or the place of fashion and fill the coffers of money, than to train real surf instructors.

My grandmother could get the surf title today.

The consequence and is something that I have lived in first person after so many years, is that there are many low cost schools, interested in filling their surfhouses, surfing as a hook and advertisement, as well as schools of 1-2-3 bridge Foot, with surf monitors who barely have surfing experience, much less teaching surfing and what years ago was unthinkable is now a reality. Formerly surf schools were carried by real surfers, not by businessmen, without linking to the beach. Now a Mac, a mobile, some pretty networks and sell yourself to tour operators, who use them and sell smoke, without having a smoking pipe, serves many unscrupulous people.

Surfing is not something alien to the real world and as in everything, supply and demand move the market. Surfing, or in this case, surf schools, are far from what we think should be a professional teaching. Not all, much less, because thank God there are many professional people who live, love surfing and whose values ??we share.

As surfers it has taken us many years to demystify those clichés that people had about us. I am one of those people who are happy about the success that surfing has had, but at the same time I miss certain nostalgias of what surf was and that, in my opinion, should have lost. 

I always say, a Surfer when he looks at the sea shares the same vision and sees the same. As I will explain to someone what surfing is, or what I have experienced in my travels around the world and my experience, if their arrogance does not let you see further and believes the master of the world to have what he calls A surf school, that under my eyes is a business.

For years I have created the association of surf schools and professional surfers and for many years I have fought for the professionalization of my trade.

Being a surf instructor should be more dignified, just like surfing, which in my opinion is an art.

In our house, we have experienced the Surf plan at all costs in a very positive way, with the proclamation of our municipality as the 1st surfing reserve in Spain, the creation of the surf center, the Skate park and the firm commitment to the Surfing at many levels, but at the same time I think that you have missed a good opportunity to professionalize more the sector and has made a called effect, going from 6 to 20 schools in less than 5 years. I have seen all of them grow and although it has not affected the school, I have seen many things that I did not like, but after so many years I am aware that we can only worry about what we can do as a school, which is to do it well , Be better than anyone, work professionally and give quality classes. If we set the standard high, the rest of surf schools will have a mirror to look at.

We make improvements in the school, surf camp, surf house and in the surf cabins, our 4 options of accommodation in Somo, where our students can stay.

Summer is coming in and throughout the month of July we are with Surf Camps Minor and RoxyCamp. Throughout the year we continue with our surf, skate, bodyboard and sup classes and celebrate different surf championships, among them the European Sup with the Cantabrian Surf Federation.

The last weekend in August we will again hold the Festival of the school, this time in a new location, but that does not detract from the event, on the contrary, we get together with our sponsors and partners to make a great sporting event that celebrated the 26th Anniversary Of the School, 7 Festival and 18º Open of Surf. The longest surfing event in Cantabria today and one of the most important national events, where every year we see the best national surfers.

At the end of the season we traveled to Puerto Rico, Brazil and Hawaii to train and charge the batteries.



After an unforgettable surf trip through Hawaii, we returned with our batteries charged and start our 27th season with great enthusiasm.
Once again the school remained open throughout the year, focused especially during the winter on our surf team, surf clinics and advanced surf lessons, although some crazy people came by Somo to learn with us in a short, intense and hard winter.
At Easter, the school did not stop and we had a very intense and fun season with highlights such as the return of the Rip Curl’s Groom Search, held on May 13 and 14, where we saw that the future of national surfing is guaranteed, with talented young people that rip from all the corners of our beaches and a base sport that each time is more professional.

The Surf Camp under Age and Roxy Surf Camps during the summer are so fun and we had a great time.




One more year, the School celebrated the Surf, Skate & Music Festival that annually gathers many of the elite of the national panorama during that weekend at the beach of Somo.


The Cantabria Surf School family continues to grow and Somo has established itself as a benchmark for surfing, with the 1st national surf reserve and we believe that the school has played a very important role in all this. We are proud of our roots and continue to train, teach and improve many surfers, like you, annually at our school.
Surfing continues to grow, despite the swings of an unstable industry, which we do not know the direction it will take, with artificial pools growing all over the world, surfing becoming an Olympic sport and pressure from institutions, which as they always arrive late and badly to regulate something, which they should have done long ago. The future is uncertain for everyone. What I have clear is that surf schools have to have a very important role, because as much as they want, they will not be able to stop surfing and I think it is better to teach them, some rules, a culture and a philosophy, that as everything in life has to pass from the oldest and most experienced to the youngest and most inexperienced.

During the fall we celebrate some advanced surf  clinics.


One of the most fun and expected Camps was the Surf Camp House of Marley, held in September

During the year, the truth is that the sand bottoms of Somo and Loredo beach were very good, although it was not a good summer of time and waves, October was an epic month and good account gave of it, during the EuroSupa that was held on October 14 and 15 and one more year we presented the event.

As every year we escape to the Quiksilver Pro France and the Rip Curl Pro of Peniche, to see if we stick something of the pros and incidentally see a good dose of good barrels.

Some important improvements in the school, surf shop and surf camp and proud of announcing a new project “La Fabrica de Surf” by @escuelacantabradesurf A space dedicated to the training of new talents, to the advanced students of our surf school, as well as the organization workshops, surf clinics and enhance the school of advanced and competition.

At the end of the year, we traveled to the Canary Islands to train, Cape Verde, Brazil and Australia.


After a good surftrip you always feel as if a part of you had stayed in that place, however returning home and breathing the salt at the school always activates us and loads of desire for a new season.

The winter cold does not slow school activity and we keep the school open throughout the year and classes have already started daily; we are currently teaching. The entire ECS Surf Team is prepared for this new 28 season, where we will continue to open our surf school daily.

The School is currently immersed in full season, giving Surf classes, Bodyboard, Skate and SUP daily and with many scheduled events to be held on Somo Beach throughout the summer.

The Surf Camp, Surf House, Surf Cabins and La Fabrica are underway, as well as the Surf Shop of the school.

Mark in red dates as of 1 -8 July with the SurfCamp Roxy, or from July 1 to 29 with the Junior Surf Camps, which this year bring many surprises. In addition, from August 31 to September 2 we will celebrate the 28th anniversary of the School, which we will celebrate within the 9th Festival Surf, Skate & Music, next to the 20th Open Cantabria Surf School, without a doubt the highlight, the longest event in Cantabria and of the most consolidated surf contests in Spain. Throughout the year we will develop different Surf Camps and special surf clinics that we have prepared for you and many more new features. It’s going to be a very good year of surfing … Do not miss it!

A year that promises many surprises and from which you can continue to be informed through our websites and social networks.

The new website www.escuelacantabradesurf.com   after a lot of work is already a reality and we hope you are enjoying your navigation and brings you a little closer to who we are and to our history. We will expand much new content and keep you informed of the day to day of the School. If you have not yet visited the On-Line store, I recommend it, because it is very complete and you can buy surf equipment and the School www.escuelacantabradesurf.com/tienda

You also have all our videos, surftrips, tutorials and episodes within our TV Channel www.escuelacantabradesurf.com/tv

Web Surf www.escuelacantabradesurf.com

Web Skate- www.escuelacantabradeskate.com

Web SUP- www.escuelacantabradesup.com

Videos Canal TV www.escuelacantabradesurf.com/tv

Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/escuelacantabradesurf

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/escuelacantabrasurf

Redes Sociales:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ESCUELACANTABRADESURF

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ESCUELACANTABRA

Instagram: http://instagram.com/escuelacantabradesurf

The truth that doing all this tour and preparing the history for the new website of the School, has brought me many good memories. They are more than 27 years of my life and looking back I would repeat everything in the same way. I am proud of the Cantabrian Surf School and all the people that surround me and have been part of this great family. I feel lucky and that’s why I wanted to tell you a little, which for me is a great story. I hope that you have entertained, at the same time that you have approached the world of the School. See you soon in the water. Good waves to everyone.

David García “Capi”, Director and Founder of the Cantabra Surf School (ECS) since 1991, wants to especially thank his parents, his brother Nachete and his family, his unconditional LOVE, and all the people who since 1991 have passed through ECS; To all the students, all the monitors we have had, all our friends and all the sponsors who have supported me and the School from the beginning.

“Thank you all, thank you for believing in me and the ECS”

… and to those who are already among us, I carry you in my memory and in my heart. ”



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