It all began a few years ago with the idea of ??going to Arica (North of Chile) to surf, but the cold and the massification of the area were backing us and encouraging a new destiny PERU and ECUADOR. The trip began in Lima, the most chaotic city we have known today, much poverty, much need and dangerous as all the big cities in the world. There we got a car and started towards the south of Lima; Without doubt Lima is the most consistent area of ??waves in all of Peru; Receives the swells of Hawaii and although it takes between 3 to 5 days to reach the coast, when they arrive it hits him full.

To the south of Lima, there is a very long left wing Puerto Viejo , where we had very good sessions and thousands of waves in the area of ??Punta Hermosa ( Playa Norte, La Isla, Pulpos, Peña Rosa, San Bartolo, Peñascal, Gentlemen, …), being Pico Alto without doubt its maximum exponent; An endless take off and the biggest wave of more fame in Peru. Inside Lima La Herradura takes the fame, but it needs a lot of sea; Is an epic lefty, but when he breaks, no one is missing. Miraflores, or Costa Verde, one of the rich districts of Lima also has a thousand fun waves ( Waikiki, Agua Dulce …) and is where more surfer atmosphere is in the whole area. You have to be very careful inside Lima, but also not have more paranoia than it really is, a big city, where everything is worth it and reigns chaos and pure chavolismo.

Do not confuse when going to Peru thinking that you are going to teach them something about surf, because they have much more culture surfer than in Spain. To the outskirts of Lima there is one of the best left of Peru, Centinela , a magical place, with very bad reputation by the amount of robberies with arms that there is. The Peruvian coast is pure desert and the trip can be intense if you are not clear where to go, the desert of Ancash is better spent at night and it is worth checking Bermejo and Playa Grande , but little else. Once in La Libertad the good begins, Huanchaco is a beautiful town where the waves are very funny, but the good thing is in Chicama (the longest wave in the world), Poémape and Pacasmayo . They need sea, but not as much as people believe. Although we surfed something less than 1 meter here you have the longest and perfect waves that you can never dream of. Chicama is a dream and I have the memory of seeing my brother Capi surfing one of the longest waves I have ever seen. Further north in Lambayeque is Pimentel , but it is better to keep going fast, to cross the desert of Sechura and to arrive at Piura, where the tubes begin and the fun. The desert of Nunura is magical, but without 4 × 4 or try. The highest quality waves in Peru are here. Lobitos is a candy that has everything, twists, tubes, a magic left inside a military base. Capi and I were fortunate enough to give ourselves epic and solo sessions. I still dream about this place. Pool is another lefthand less traveled, but more powerful and no doubt. The hole is where you play it. Batteries is another good choice if you massify these waves. Cabo Blanco , Panic Point and Organos are Peru’s 10 waves, tubazos, but there are always a lot of people in the water and it’s hard to get the good one, but if you catch it, you can make the tubazo of your life. Mancora is the best place to stay in this area, surfer atmosphere and a hilarious left. If you want to escape the people keep climbing up and Zorritos can be the voice.

The sea stayed for a few days and we took the trip to Machu Pichu and into the jungle, but a new swell came and we decided to continue to Ecuador. No doubt, this has been the best of the trip, people leave, it is much more beautiful than Peru and although there is something less than sea, we were very lucky and we took the best waves of the trip from the beginning. We stayed with the wave of Engabao and Pelado in the area of ??Playas; Some right after almost the whole trip surfing left. Further north is the Salinas area, with Punta Carnero , Ecuasal , Fae , Shit Bay , Chocolatera , El Barco , Salinero … and perhaps the most famous wave in Ecuador is Montañita , a right of international fame, but unfortunately it is already Super crowded. The town goes out and in carnival even more. Around there are a thousand waves that are worth checking, especially La Entrada and La Rinconada .

Going up north in the area of ??Manta is a left, San Mateo , and several small beaches. The roads begin to worsen and the issue becomes more complicated as you enter the region of Esmeralda (the forgotten area of ??Ecuador) where the vast majority of the population is black and where despite the possibility of contracting Dengue, Yellow Fever … It is the most beautiful area of ??Ecuador, amazing landscapes, wonderful people and music everywhere; Small laughs with the perreo and the reggaeton. Mompiche is the best wave in this area and certainly the longest left I’ve surfed in my entire life. First tubazo section, then turns, then goloseo and finally sections to the shore, a mile and a half wave when you finish the session your legs shake. 10 days we were Capi and I in paradise on earth; A magical place where you only have to pray not to cross sharks and not to step on any line. We continued to the north and almost crossed to Colombia (possibly next destination), but the lack of time and that we had to catch the flight back in Lima dissuaded us and we continued the trip down stopping for the creamiest sites of Ecuador and Peru and Following the carnival hehe. A total of 8,000 kms in two months, hand in hand with my brother, whom I have seen surfing like never before and that certainly costs to forget when you return to reality and to Somo.

Nacho García “Nachete / David García” Capi “

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