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Escuela Cántabra de Bodyboard

Bodyboarding lessons

“Surf your first waves in a simple and fun way”

“No veo diferencia entre bodyboard y surfing, es todo surfing”

Tom Morey, legend and pioneer of Bodyboarding

Clases de Bodyboard

Initiation, development, competition

Surf Shop. Rental and sale of material of Bodyboard

Would you like your first waves of a simple and fun way to surf? Test with Bodyboarding in the Cantabrian Bodyboarding school courses

Learn to surf your first waves with Bodyboarding in the Cantabrian Bodyboarding school courses. Call it Bodyboarding, paipo, boogie or Cork. If you want to try it for the first time, improve your surfing or train, this is your surf school. The only requirement you need is to have desire to have fun. Fun guaranteed from day 1!

Discover the feeling to glide over the water with the only help of fins and a small surf board.

Learn the bodyboarding in a fast, dynamic and secure way.

Get started at Bodyboarding in the hands of professionals and become the new Myke Stewart.

Discover the sport of Hawaiian Kings. Come to our courses of Bodyboarding and discover the magic of the bodyboard, school No. 1 and with total security.

“If Bodyboarding is only a sport, the heart is only an organ”

¿Qué es el Bodyboard?

Possibly it is the form of sliding on the most ancient water that we know. From bodysurfing (catch the waves with your own body, without other assistance that the thrust of the waves). The difference is that with the bodyboard if we have a short table of foam under the body, around 1 meter long, called boogie, Cork, or table of Bodyboarding and fins that help us to pick up speed. The 3 main styles that must master a good bodyboarder / corchero are:-lie (prone). The most widespread. -With a kneeling leg (knee drop). Bullfighter. Entirely on foot (Stand up). Similar to surfing. One of the pioneers in the manufacture of these cork boards was the legendary Tom Morey, who drove the development of the sport and whose brand is still today one of the most recognized worldwide. Later in the 90s, came another revolution in this sport. Bodyboarders Guilherme Tâmega, and Michael Eppelstun, Ben Holland, the legendary Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard, carried this sport to the top. Currently, bodyboarders as Spencer Skipper, Ryan Hardy, Mitch Rawlins, Dave Winchester, Ben Player, Brenden Newton, Damian King have… driven bodyboarding a new direction, with maneuvers that a few years ago seemed impossible to achieve. People who practice this sport, they are called “bodyboarders” or “Cork”. The main difference between surfing and bodyboarding, is in the bodyboard is not necessary to stand, so the beginnings of this sport are simpler and more rewarding.

So now you know. If you want to have your first impressions, catching waves, this may be your ideal sport.

Why the Cantabrian School of Bodyboarding?

clases de bodyboard

Experiencia y Profesionalidad

The Cantabrian School of Bodyboarding is a pioneer in Spain in the teaching of Bodyboarding. Since its foundation in 1991, it has been by thousands of students, who have been made to improve and refine our methodology.

cursos de bodyboard

Instructores de Bodyboard

We have the most professional and experienced instructors, the best materials and extensive facilities to beach, so you can enjoy from the first day and with total security. True surfers who know how to convey the importance of the sea, in short, our way of life.

clases de bodyboard

Para todos los públicos

We give courses and classes of bodyboard throughout the year, on the beach of Somo, Cantabria. Courses of Bodyboarding for all ages and levels. Iniciaion, training and competition always small groups separated evenly. Private and group classes. From 6 years… “you set the limits”

cursos de bodyboard

Precios Especiales

We offer special discounts to groups, colleges, institutes, universities, travel of Prom, Bachelor of soltero/a…etc.
Kinds of bodyboard in Spanish, English, Italian…
Special prices on rentals out of classes for all courses, surf camps and Surf House people.

If you have any questions and want you advice, or want to close your reservation please contact us, we will be happy to help / advise you.


* Subject to availability of groups, once your purchase, contact us to confirm the day of course.

Oferta especial para Grupos

Bodyboard for groups, we have special offers for large groups, stag and Hen Parties of unmarried /, team building…


1 knowledge of the environment: tides, winds, currents, material… etc.

2 input and output water. Safety standards. Falls. Rules within the water.

3 Remada and placement on top of the bodyboard. Positioning.

4. overcoming of waves (for above and below the wave). Function of the fins.

5 catch waves. Timing and selection of waves. Position on the peak.

6. slide position: natural and goofy.

7 Drop and learn how to skirt the walls 1eras.

8 technical and 1eras maneuvers. As you pick up speed. Correction styles. Basic maneuvers: Buttom turn, 360 °, cutback, tube, roll, Drop Knee (technique and posture).

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