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Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf
Festival de Surf


The surf, skate and music festival of the Escuela Cantabra de Surf, which is held every year on Somo beach, Cantabria, has become a great festival of surfing and one of the most important sporting events on the national scene. A week where surfing, skateboarding, good music, a good atmosphere come together and brings together the best national surfers and riders.

Write down in your calendar the dates of the Festival 33 anniversary Escuela Cantabra de Surf 24-31 August 2023. We will wait for you!



1. surf festival


33 Years of Pure Surfing

Since the founding of the Escuela Cantabra de Surf, in 1991, we have always held events on Somo beach and it was with the celebration of our 20th Anniversary, when we decided to hold a major event, which over the years has become one of the most important and prestigious surf festivals. This year the event will last a week and incorporates new surprises for everyone.

25 Open Surf

The jewel in the crown within the festival. It is the root and essence of it. The Open Surf of the Cántabra School will be valid for the national surf league. It is the longest-running surf event in Cantabria and one of the most important on the national scene, where the best surfers meet every year. This year the event will last a week and in addition to the Men’s and Women’s Open, we will also have the Young Guns Junior event, so if you want to see good surfing, don’t miss this event.

15 Skate Championship

As every year the Escuela Cantabra de Skate is in charge, within the festival, of holding the skate event at the Somo skate park and where every year we see how the level of skateboarding in Spain increases radically. A show that makes all of Somo vibrate every year and where the 4-wheel show is guaranteed.

14 Music Festival

The philosophy of the festival has always been to be a celebration and great festival of surfing, its culture and its values. Throughout the music festival we will be able to enjoy many of the best DJs and groups of the moment, within a natural environment, where the good atmosphere as in each edition will be assured. Free entry and as always help us take care of and preserve everything.

Inclusive Surfing and Adapted Surfing

We are among those who think that surfing is for everyone and throughout the festival we will carry out different workshops on social integration with marginalized groups. Also, we will continue to give voice to different associations that we believe are doing a formidable job with surfing as a driving force and we will continue to support adapted surfing, with an event where athletes break barriers and are an example of sports values and improvement.

Committed to the Environment

As surfers we love the sea and the nature that surrounds us and during the week of the event we will carry out different clean-ups and workshops to raise awareness and publicize the important work that many organizations do daily to preserve our coasts, waves and landscapes. Leave the beach as you found it or better for future generations.

2. Skate fest


The Somo skate park will vibrate again and will be a hive to see the skate show, which the best skaters of the moment will offer another year, to the large audience that is already loyal, in one of the unmissable events of national skateboarding. Championship in different categories, equipment test, surfskate, workshops and many more surprises.

3. Festival de Música


A music festival that has been growing over the last 14 years and on whose stage great artists, groups and DJs of different styles have passed. A weekend where a great communion is created between musicians, spectators, within an incomparable setting. A surf party, family, where good vibes prevail and where one more year we will try to hold a musical event at the height of the surf festival. Free admission, don’t miss it!!!

4. Historia del Festival

In previous editions…

The history of the Festival in posters.

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The Open Surf School Cantabra.

Championships and organized events

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5. The Original Since 1991

Much more than a Surf Festival


Why come to the Cantabrian Surf School Festival?

“Discover the magic of surfing with the first surf school in Spain”
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The best surfing and the best riders

If you are a surfing lover you cannot miss this event. An event where you will see the best national and international surfers give a great show in the waves of Somo and fight for the prestigious Open Surf trophy of the Cantabra School. In addition, the event will be valid for the national surfing title, both in the male and female categories. After 24 successful celebrations this year we will certainly see a great show.

History of Surfing

Somo beach, within the first surf reserve in Spain, is one of the cradles of surfing in Spain and a benchmark in the history of surfing in our country. The Escuela Cantabra de Surf, as a pioneer and its director David “Capi” Garcia, have helped promote surfing in Ribamontan al Mar and Cantabria, betting on the celebration of major events and national and European surfing championships. The Cantabrian school surf festival is currently the oldest surfing event in Cantabria and one of the oldest in Spain.

Surf, Skate, Music and 100% fun. An event for everyone.

For a week, Somo beach, in Cantabria, will once again be filled with surf, culture and art to celebrate the anniversary of the pioneering surf school in Spain. A festival of surfing, where surfing, skateboarding and music merge and where the town of Somo, will dress up for another year to receive the best riders, artists and faithful, of a festival that every year attracts more public and curious and that is suitable for all ages and audiences. A festival where good atmosphere and fun go hand in hand.

Committed to the environment

Ewe understand surfing as much more than a sport; a way of life, of communication, education, discovery, encounter. A philosophy that connects the dots of many basic elements of our society and the environment.

From Somo beach, the first surf reserve in Spain, we have worked from the beginning on the message of environmental awareness and fight for the conservation of the coastline, for this reason we collaborate with organizations such as Centinelas Cantabria, Surf Riders Foundation Spain, and other associations with which we will carry out awareness workshops, raids and beach clean-ups as part of the Festival’s activities.

Surfing as a vehicle for social inclusion

Thanks to Banco Santander, the school carries out different baptisms and activities throughout the year, with associations from Cantabria that work on social inclusion and what better way than using surfing as a driving force of social action.

Within the festival, we place special emphasis on activities focused on the dissemination and social use of surfing and we will give voice to many of these associations, presenting a series of actions, such as special surfing, surf baptisms for those who have not yet dared to take the step and special days of approach to surfing for groups at risk of exclusion.

Surf for All – Surf adapted and without barriers

The school has been promoting adapted surfing for years, and learning from athletes with a project that has lasted more than 6 years, together with the Somo Surf Center, and which saw its success reflected in the celebration, in 2019, of the first Spanish Adapted Surfing Championship. During this new edition we will carry out an adapted surfing championship, we will carry out different actions, baptisms, and workshops in which the work of previous years will be reflected and in which the festival will act as a showcase to publicize the actions of the corporations that they give visibility to these problems, which affect so many people, both directly and indirectly.