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Anuncio Original de 1991

Cantabrian Surf School. The originalSince 1991

The Cantabrian Surf School is among the best surf schools in Europe. First surf school in Spain, with more than 32 years of experience, it is one of the most recognized and prestigious surf schools in the world. Directed by real surfers, who love surfing and will know how to transmit the essence of surfing to you from day one.

We are pioneers in teaching surfing in Spain. A beautiful story that began in 1991 on the beach of Somo, Cantabria. Our love for surfing has made us share our passion with thousands of students. A great family, of which we hope you will be a part very soon.

“Discover the magic of surfing with the Nº1 surf school in Spain”

1. Captain

Capi and Team

David “Capi” García, director and founder of the Cantabrian Surf School, started surfing in 1991 when he was just 7 years old, when his father pushed him over a wave on Somo beach, Cantabria. That first wave would change his life forever and later the lives of many who have started in this pioneering surf school.

Champion of Spain and Cantabria of surfing. Many years in the top European competition, a lifetime dedicated to surfing and currently an instructor and free surfer. For over 42 years, he has surfed, competed and traveled the world.

The last 32 years of his life has been focused on the instruction and direction of the Escuela Cántabra de Surf. Now he wants to share his knowledge and the love and respect he has for the ocean with you and show everyone the magic and experience of surfing.

“Everyone should try surfing at least once in their life, it will be an experience you will never forget.

David “Capi” Garcia. Director and founder of the Cantabra Surf School, since 1991

Surf Somo

Supercrew - Instructors

We have the most experienced and professional surf instructors, with national and international qualifications and experience, including rescue and lifeguard specialists, so that you can fully enjoy yourself from day one and in total safety.

Surf with us and come to meet us… You will spend unforgettable moments full of action and strong emotions.

“Learn from the best. Guaranteed fun.”

2. History. Since 1991

Since 1991 teaching real surfing.
A dream, a passion, one love.


Without a referent in Spain, the school was born with a philosophy that remains intact until today; transmit our passion and love for surfing and teach all our knowledge and experience about the world of surfing.
We started by sticking a sign on the beach, indicating that we were giving surf lessons and the little money we earned was used to continue competing and traveling the world in search of the best waves.

They were very fun years, the time of the booth on the beach, the beginning of the surfcamp, the creation of the Surf team of the Escuela Cantabra de Surf.


It was a critical year in our history. With the new Law of Demarcation of Coasts, the beach house was finally demolished and with it, many of our best memories and years. What until then had been “our house” disappears. With hindsight, I think it worked in our favor, because at that moment we understood that school was our life and that no matter what happened, we were going to keep rowing.

It was then that we acquired a new premises on the Somo beach, very close to the original headquarters of the booth and right where the current school is.


After 10 years the school had outgrown us and we decided to expand it, beginning the works of the new headquarters, with better and more modern facilities and with the inclusion of a Surf Shop.

After organizing local championships for years, the previous year, we went on to organize the 1st Cantabrian Surf School Open Championship, something that has been growing and consolidating for years, until it is a national reference championship and the seed of the current Surf Festival.
We had a visit to the school from our idol and 3-time world champion Tom Curren, we inaugurated the first wave pool in Port Aventura and a documentary was made about the history of the school.


The school signs for Quiksilver and Roxy with whom we have been working for years on the professionalization of surf schools, studying the best materials for schools and developing special projects and surf camps, such as the Junior camps and Roxy surfcamps and celebrating on the beach de Somo events for the youngest such as the King of the Grooms and Raquerucos.
We reformed, improved and expanded the surf camp and the surf school and also created the first surf house in Somo “the house of surfing”.


With the celebration of our 20th anniversary, we held the 1 Festival Surf, Skate & Music Escuela Cántabra de Surf, a party by and for surfing, a sporting event that has been growing year after year and where many of the best national and international riders and artists gather annually.
The “new” surf school sees the light, with a more powerful surf school and surf shop and expanding the surf and bodyboard offer, with the Cantabrian skate school, Cantabrian SUP school. New commercial website and web-online and creation of the new TV Channel, where to unify all the videos and tutorials of the school. We open the surf cabins just 100 meters from the school and Somo beach.

We help the entry of a new project in Somo, where the council receives money to promote tourism, with surfing as the main hallmark, which will later culminate in the creation of the Surf Center and a skate park in Somo and with the culmination of Ribamontan al Mar, as the first surf reserve in Spain.


It is a very special year for all of us and we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the School with a great surf, skate and music event. A surf festival that is consolidated year after year and has become one of the biggest events of its kind on the national scene.

New projects such as the Surf factory are born with the idea of ​​promoting the figure of the surf coach, specific surf training and surf coaching in all its dimensions. A space of surfers for surfers, where we have been carrying out different surf clinics and workshops.
We carry out skate and surfskate camps and we recover the Somo Surfboards that we have relaunched in recent years.


We continue rowing strongly and with the same enthusiasm, if not more, than when we started this beautiful madness in 1991 and of which many of you know that you are history and part of our family.
With new projects on the horizon, such as the Cantabria surf hostel, closely studying the evolution of wave pools, developing new surf coaching methodologies, within the surf team, the surf factory and the Cantabria surf club, where we continue to work the basic sport.

With our sights set on this year’s Surf Festival, which promises great surprises and some other fun events that we will carry out in Somo and working with passion and putting all our experience and heart so that the Cantabrian surf school is not only the first school of surfing in Spain, but that it continues to be number one and a benchmark in the world of surfing in Spain and in the world, promoting the culture, values ​​and philosophy of a sport, which for us is our life.

Learn more about our history

3. More info

Why the Escuela Cantabra de Surf?


Learn with the best. Pure fun.

The Quiksilver & Roxy Cantabrian Surf School is the first surf and bodyboard school in Spain and has been training thousands of surfers since its inception in 1991, on Somo beach, Cantabria. We have the most experienced and professional monitors, with qualifications approved by the European and Spanish surfing federations and national and international experience, including rescue and lifeguard specialists, so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest from day one, but in total safety. Guaranteed fun.

Titled surf school

Surf school titled by the European Surfing Federation, International Surfing Association (ISA), Spanish Surfing Federation (FES), Cantabrian Surfing Federation (FCS), Official School of the Ribamontán al Mar City Council, Bahía Santander Tourism Seal, member Association of Schools and Professional Surfers (AESP), among many other quality seals.

Maximum experience – Since 1991

More than 32 years of experience in teaching surfing. Since its foundation in 1991, by David “Capi” Garcia, on Somo beach, Cantabria, thousands of students have passed through the school, who have improved and perfected our methodology. During all these years, national and international monitors have collaborated with the school, impregnating the experience and professionalism that it currently has.

Small groups. The shortest instructor-student ratio

Learn in a fast, easy, safe and fun way. Maximum quality and professionalism with the shortest student-instructor ratio (Maximum 6 students per instructor). We separate the classes by age and by homogeneous levels, so that you can enjoy your surf classes from the first day and in complete safety. All ages. We recommend from the age of 5…You set the limit.

The best material and the best facilities

All material included in the classes. The best surf material. New and extensive facilities with showers and lockers on the beach in Somo, Cantabria, within the first surfing reserve in Spain. Possibility of renting material with special prices for clients. Surf shop.


The largest offer for adults and children throughout the year

Special Surf Camps for adults and personalized training. Ask about other modalities of courses, days, schedules…etc. Maximum flexibility. A la carte classes and camps. Different accommodation options for our students. Private classes for children, special offers for groups, families, end-of-year trips, schools, birthdays…

Meet the school


Much more than a surf school

#TheOriginal Since 1991 teaching real surfing

It is the love and madness that we have for surfing since we were little that we have shared with all the instructors and wonderful people who have passed through the school during these years, who have made it an amazing surftrip.

The beginnings were not easy and surfing in 1991 was not at all the phenomenon that it is today. What makes us happiest is knowing that we have positively affected, through surfing, the lives and hearts of many people who have gone through the school and who today continue to place their trust by letting us teach surfing to their children; That continues to be an engine and illusion to work and continue trying to be number one.


The school is founded and directed, since 1991, by David “Capi” Garcia, who belongs to a family with a deep-rooted surf culture in Cantabria.

It’s easy to talk about surfing when you’ve grown up on the beach, you’ve learned from the pioneers, from the lessons that the sea provides you, after hours of saltpeter; when you live, dream, breathe and are surrounded 100% by surfing.

We didn’t get into surfing because of fashion, but thanks to our family who passed on to us as children the love for surfing, the sea and nature.

All that experience, surfing roots, love for surfing and values ​​are what we transmit today to all our students. Teaching surfing is fun, yes, but it entails a great responsibility and we will know how to transmit the essence and culture of surfing from the first minute with passion, fun and safety.


In addition, we are located on the front line, in a magical place, such as the Somo beach, in Cantabria. First surf reserve in Spain and one of the surfing meccas of our country.

Cantabria has been the cradle and part of the history of surfing in our country. The first surfers, the first boards and wetsuits, surf shops… and of course, the first surf school, the Cantabrian school, were born here. There is a strong surfing tradition and culture, of which the Cantabrian school is proud and participates, publicizing the quality of its waves, the town of Somo , with Santander one step away and all the wonders of an infinite Cantabria to see, enjoy and discover.


Directed by real surfers, who will know how to transmit the magic and essence of surfing from day one. Learn to surf, or improve your surfing, in a fast, educational and fun way.

Fun and quality must go hand in hand and the best formula to achieve this goal is to maintain shorter instructor-student ratios, separate the groups by age and homogeneous levels , have the most experienced and professional monitors, have the best material, renew it year after year and have the best facilities, to give our students the best possible service. We want you to have a 100% surf experience.

Our methodology has been proven since 1991 and we have a team of instructors who love nature and extreme sports who share the same passion, surfing, which we have been transmitting to thousands of surfers during these years on the beach of Somo. Cantabria.

Surf with us, come and meet us and don’t let them tell you about it. Guaranteed fun.