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Surf Lessons

Escuela Cántabra de Surf

Welcome to the Escuela Cantabra de Surf surf lessons

First surf school in Spain with more than 29 years of experience teaching surf and one of the most recognized and prestigious in Europe surfing schools. Directed by surfers who love surfing and know to transmit you the magic and essence of surfing since the first day and with total security. Guaranteed fun.

“Surfing is like a martial art, you need a lifetime to surf well.”


All ages and levels

Select your level

Surf lessons Beginners

Basic level – your 1st waves

Learn to surf in a way that is quick, easy, safe and fun with the most experienced and qualified teachers. Groups reduced, separated evenly. Maximum professionalism you can enjoy your surf lessons from the first day and with total security. Come on and come to surf with us.

“The best surfer is that most sports” 

* Phil Edwards – legend of Surf

  • Previous experience 0% 0%
  • Physical condition 25% 25%
  • Guaranteed fun 100% 100%

Surf Intermediate lessons

Middle level – Improve your surfing

If what you want is to advance and improve your surfing, we have more advanced surfing lessons and also improving, which will help you progress, correct your failures, improve your technique and as a result enjoy each session. We adapt to your level of surfing. A good style = a good Surfer.

“Surfing is like the mafia, once you’re inside you can not leave” 

* Kelly Slater – 11 time surfing champion

  • Previous experience 50% 50%
  • Physical condition 50% 50%
  • Guaranteed fun 100% 100%

Surf Advanced lessons

Advanced level

If your level of surfing is experienced and want to expand your range of maneuvers, enhance your surfing, improve your style, or simply would like to go out to compete, the surfing school Team Cantabra Surf has been many years training to kids of different ages, preparing them for the competition, with very good results.

“Style is a natural extension of who you are as a person.”

* Mark Richards – 4 times champion of surfing

  • Previous experience 90% 90%
  • Physical condition 80% 80%
  • Guaranteed fun 100% 100%

If you have any questions and want our advice, or want us to personalize your reservation please contact us, We will be happy to help / advise you.

Any Doubt?

Why Escuela Cantabra de Surf?

Official Quiksilver & Roxy Surf School

Learn with the best

We have the most experienced and professional surf instructors. Qualified and approved by the Spanish and European Federation of surf. Experience nationally and internationally, including specialists in rescue and first aids, so you can enjoy surf from the first day, but with total security. Guaranteed fun.

Top Surf School

Surf school accredited by the European Federation of Surf, International Surfing Association (ISA), Spanish Surf Federation (FES), Federation Cantabra Surf (FCS), official school Council Ribamontán Al Mar, seal tourism Bahia Santander, member schools and surfers professionals (AESP) Association, among other many seals of quality.

Maximum Experience

More than 27 years of experience in the teaching of the surf. Since its foundation in 1991, they have gone through the school thousands of students, who have made to improve and refine our methodology. During all these years, national and international monitors have collaborated with school, impregnating it with the experience and professionalism that currently has.

Small Groups

Learn in a way that is quick, easy, safe and fun. Highest quality and professionalism with the shortest as ratio. Separate classes for ages and homogeneous levels. All ages. Starting from them 5 years… The limit what you put you.

All included

Everything from surfing included in classes. New and spacious beach facilities. Possibility to rent surf material with special prices for guests of the school of surfing, Surf Camp and Surf House. The best surf material.

Total Flexibility

Surf Camps and personalized training. Ask for other forms of courses, days, hours… etc. FLEXIBILITY. Classes and Camps to the letter. Different options of accommodation for our students. Private lessons, children, adults, groups, families, couples, team building, stag and Hen Parties Bachelorette/o, schools, universities…

Reserva ya tu curso y disfruta de una experiencia inolvidable con nosotros.


We give surf lessons every day, you can give the number of classes that you want. We recommend these options:

Intensive Surf Course

If you come with desire to surf and make the most of the time choose our intensive courses.
2 hours of surf class in the morning + 2 hours of surf class in the afternoon + Availability of surfing equipment all day.


*Price per person / day

Surf lessons schedules


09:00 - 11:00


10:00 - 12:00


11:00 - 13:00


16:00 - 18:00


17:00 - 19:00


18:00 - 20:00

* It is recommended to be at school 15 minutes prior to the time of the course.

Special Offer for groups

Surfing for groups, we have special offers for groups, schools, colleges, summer camps, stag parties, team building…

Surf Beginner lessons

Learn to surf or improve your surfing with the surf school Nº1 in Spain.


We teach you to understand and love the sea.

Meet currents, forming waves, different types of surf and tides, so that you can surf independently on any beach.


Learn the culture, history, philosophy and rules of surf.

Our instructors will teach you all the rules of safety and to respect the rest of surfers, so that you can enjoy from the first day.


Before getting into the water

Before entering the water, it is necessary to follow a series of steps to tackle the bathroom as prepared as possible. We teach you stretching, warmups and breathing.


Learn different techniques.

To stand up on a surf board, techniques of rowing, such as tracing the waves (duck dive and eskimo-roll).


We teach you to ride your firts waves.

Correct timing. Situation at the peak.


We teach you to surf your first open faces

Pick up speed on the wall of the wave, the copyediting, Take off and Bottom Turn. A good style-a good Surfer.

cursos de surf iniciación
cursos de surf aprendizaje
cursos de surf principiante

If you have any questions and want our advice, or want us to personalize your reservation please contact us, we will be happy to help / advise you.

Do U have any doubt or want to book?

Surf Advance lessons

Improvement of Surf lessons for those surfers who want to move forward and improve your surfing, with the most experienced and qualified instructors.


How to finish basic manauvers under control.

Amplitude in the range of maneuvers. Learn new turns, fixes bugs and debugging technique basic maneuvers: Reentry, cutback, floater.


We adapt to your surfing level

Learn to surf in the pocket. Visualization and realization of maneuvers in the critical part of the wave. Video corrections.


Frontside vs Backside

Optimization of the surfing both face and backs, frontside and backside.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to maximize your skills in the water. Classroom inside and out of the water. Surf Clinics.


Improve your surfing skills

Control, speed, coordination, and radicalism in the execution of the maneuvers.


Bend and Rotate

Learn the technique of bending and rotation to execute maneuvers in a proper and controlled way.

cursos de surf nivel medio
cursos de surf perfeccionamiento
cursos de surf perfeccionamiento

If you have any questions and want our advice, or want us to personalize your reservation please contact us, we will be happy to help / advise you.

Do U have any doubt or want to Book?

Surf Training for competition

Would you like to train, compete, or be part of the Surf Team Escuela Cantabra de Surf?


Specific training in & out of the water.

Techniques of competition, psychology of competition and purification technique, perfect style.


Competition Help

Outputs to various regional and national competitions to learn how to compete. Video corrections, surf camps and special clinics.


How to maximise each wave

Learn to surf in small, medium and large waves. Know to attack the waves with more aggression and control.


Radical turns

Extent of most radical maneuvers. Aerial spins with power, reverse.


Tube ride

Learn the correct technique to make a tube, the maneuver star in the surf.


The importance of drawing a good line

Visualization of the waves from beginning to end, knowing daisy chain maneuvers and carrying a good rhythm and flow throughout the tour.

cursos de surf nivel avanzado
cursos de surf nivel avanzado
cursos de surf competición

Would you like to be part of the Surf Team Escuela Cantabra de Surf?

Do U have any doubt or want to Book?

Surf Kids

Surf courses for children. We separate groups for ages and levels, always with small ratios students / teacher to make surfing for children a safe and fun experience from day one.

We also have Surf Camps for children where they can learn and improve your surfing by combining it with the camping and plenty more. Guaranteed fun!

Surf Girls

Surf courses for girls. More and more surfers dare to surf and learn with our quality classes, dynamic, fun, and safe.

Meet the Roxy Surf Camp and surf from the hand of Roxy and the surfschool Nº 1 in Spain. Live an unforgettable experience along with other girls, fusioning different activities, surfing and fun. Just for girls.

Surf Adults

Surf courses for adults. No matter your age, you know that it is time to try surfing and what better way to that done with the Nº 1 Surf School in Spain and experienced monitors that will transmit you the magic of surfing from the first day.

Surf Camps for adults, where you will know as surfers around the world by combining the surfing with the camping. Guaranteed fun!

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