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Frequent questions



How many days is it necessary to book a surf lesson?

You can close the reservation until the day of the class at +34/ 609482823 or at ecsurf@escuelacantabradesurf.com, although the ideal is to make the reservation at least 24 hours before to guarantee the correct organization of the groups.

And for accommodation, how many days is it necessary to make the reservation?

As soon as we confirm the availability of the accommodation, the ideal is that you reserve it for us to guarantee the room. As soon as 48 hours have passed, we will have to reconfirm the availability of the accommodation.

Can the days of the reservation be modified?

There is no problem in modifying the days, always giving advance notice. We give a lot of flexibility.

Cancellations What happens if I have to cancel my reservation?

If you make the cancellation 15 days before entering the accommodation, you will be paid 100% of the reservation. If you cancel the reservation during the 15 days before arrival at the accommodation, unless it is for justified reasons, you will lose the requested advance payment. With surf classes there is more flexibility and in case of canceling or not being able to take a class, we will always make up for it or give you a voucher with no expiration date so that you can use it again.


The definitive reservation will become effective once you have deposited at least 20% of the total in our account number (for course and surfcamp reservations) 7 days before the start of the courses and camps. The rest will be paid in cash or credit card at the School. To reserve accommodation, you must enter 100% of the total in our account number, at least 15 days before your arrival. If for some reason you couldn’t make the deposit, or you didn’t have time… Don’t worry. As long as you make the reservation by email, telephone or directly at the headquarters of the Escuela Cantabra de Surf and we have places, you will have your place guaranteed.

Surfing lessons

What do you need to bring to take the surf lesson?

Swimsuit, good energy and desire to have fun. The school provides all the surf equipment and at the school we have showers and lockers.

What is the recommended age to start surfing?

Surfing is for all ages. There is no specific age but it is essential to know how to swim and have a little autonomy. Normally from 5 or 6 years old we usually have children who start surfing and the limit is set by you.

Is learning surfing just for kids?

Surfing is a sport that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age. You just have to want to have a good time. We give surf lessons for all ages and levels and remember that we always separate the classes evenly in very small ratios, by ages and levels to make the most of the classes. There are many adults in our surf lessons.

How do we organize the groups?

They are organized by age and level to guarantee quality, safety, fun and correct learning in our surf classes.

How many people are in each group?

We organize small groups made up of a maximum of 5-8 students per instructor depending on the levels and sea conditions.

What days can you come to teach?

We teach every day throughout the year. We have courses of 1, 2, 5, 7… days and weekends but we carry out the courses according to your availability, à la carte, at various times. We provide many facilities and total flexibility.

What time is it advisable to be at the School?

The ideal is to arrive 20 minutes before to confirm your check-in, organize the groups, put on your wetsuit and get ready.

Can I take surf lessons if I don't need accommodation?

Of course. You can take the classes you want without having to stay in our surf camps, surf hostels, surf cabins or surf houses.

Can you keep the material after doing the class?

EVERYTHING is included in the 2h surf lessons. If you want to keep the material for the rest of the day, we have a special offer for all our students and for only €10 extra per person you can have all the material free for the rest of the day. If you choose the Intensive surf course don’t worry because apart from the 4h of classes per day (2am + 2pm) all the rental material is already available at the free price for use all day. The intensive is the course we recommend if you want to come.

What are the class times?

During the months of July and August classes are held at different times. 9-11/ 10-12/ 11-13/ 12-14/ 13-15/ 16-18 / 18-20. The best times to do the class are first thing in the morning (9-11), at noon (13-15) and late in the afternoon (18-20) since that is when there are fewer people and conditions are usually better. . During the other months you have classes in the morning from 11-13am and from 16-18pm. We will always depend on the sea and the weather, so we recommend confirming the schedule with the school and we will gladly advise/help you.

Información Surf Camp

What time are tickets made?

We recommend making tickets before 12 at night.

When are departures made?

We recommend making departures before 4:00 p.m.

What do you need to bring?

In the surf camp you have the tents already set up so you only have to bring your sleeping bag, a mat or inflatable mattress and want to have a good time, because fun is guaranteed.

Where is the Surf Camp held?

We organize the surf camp in an area reserved for the school in the first-class campsite closest to the beach and the school, which has a bar-restaurant-cafeteria, swimming pool, tennis court, supermarket, toilets and showers, washers and dryers, park children, night surveillance… A magical place, where to spend an unforgettable surf vacation.

Where is the Surf Camp located?

5 min. Walking from the school to the beach in an excellent location, with the forest next door. You will not need a car at all.

Equipment Rental

How is the material of the School?

We have the best material on the market. We renew material every year. All our surf wetsuits are Quiksilver & Roxy, the main sponsors of the school. We have polyester and epoxy shortboards and longboards of all sizes, as well as softboards/softboards. Over 300 stock boards. Also rent sup, bodyboard, skate, longskate, carvers and surfskates. We also have test material and a surf shop where you can find the best in surfing.

If I rent material, can I try other surfboards?

At the school we have a wide variety of material that you can try without any problem whenever you want. There is long-term rental and you can take the material for several days and to the surf spot you want. We give 100% flexibility.

General information

When will the School be open?

We open all year. From March 15 to January 10 every day and the rest of the year, weekends, bank holidays, holidays and when there are good waves.

Where are we located?

Since 1991 on the beach of Somo, Cantabria, north coast of Spain. First surfing reserve in Spain and one of the national surfing meccas.

Public transport with a regular line from Santander to Somo?

There is a good connection. In summer every 15-30 min.

Bus service. Link. – PALOMERA BUSES http://www.transportedecantabria.es/web/guest/home

Boat Service. Link.- THE REGINAS http://www.losreginas.com/paseos-por-la-bahia-de-santander-con-escala-en-pedrena-y-somo/horarios-y-tarifas-los-reginas-barcos-santander/

You can also come by road from Santander 15-20 min.

What if you travel by plane to Santander airport?

From Santander airport you have free shuttle/ buses to Santander central bus station and from there you have two options:

  • Take another bus Santander- Somo (every 30 min.)
  • Walk 2min from the bus station to the boats, Las Reginas, and take the boat.

Santander Airport Link-


If you arrive outside the bus and boat schedules, there are taxis. Contact us and we will gladly help/advise you on your transfer.

What other things can be done besides surfing?

The area offers a wide variety of activities. Routes along the cliffs, tourism to discover the cultural heritage, hiking. From the town hall of Ribamontán to the sea, entertainment and cultural festivals are held every weekend. Cabárceno and Santander are one step away, the new Botín Center and a thousand things to see and do in Cantabria, always infinite.

Last recommendation

What are the best months to come to surf in Somo?

At Playa de Somo we receive good waves throughout the year, with March to June and September to November being the months with the best waves and the least influx of people. In July and August there are also good waves and a good atmosphere, but there are more people on the beach. In winter the waves are usually bigger and the water is colder, but we go with good wetsuits and we surf all year round in Cantabria.

Sunset en Somo