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Terms and conditions



In accordance with article 10 of the law 34/2002, of 11 July, of services of the society of the information and trade electronic (L.S.S.I.) it is noted that escuelacantabradesurf.com, with C.I.F. ESB39825286, with registered office at Calle Isla de Mouro 12, 39140, Somo, Cantabria is the owner of this domain www.escuelacantabradesurf.com. These terms and conditions, together with their acceptance on the purchase confirmation, constitute the agreement between you and escuelacantabradesurf.com.

1.       OBJECT

-The object of these terms and conditions of purchase is the supply by escuelacantabradesurf.com of the products offered in your Online store, in Exchange for a financial benefit. -Accessing our portal, the customer undertakes to respect the terms and conditions.


-These terms and conditions, together with your order confirmation, constitute the contract between the Cantabrian School of Surf and the customer for the supply of products or services. They will not apply any other terms and conditions. -Means that the client is in accordance with the General conditions which provide for in this text from the moment they agree that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.


-To be able to place an order, the customer must be 18 years of age or older. -The Cantabrian Surf school purchasing process is divided into 5 steps so the customer can make the process of purchasing a fast and easy way: Add a product to the shopping cart. Then will be shown a summary of your order. First step. Addresses if you are already registered should click on 'click here' in blue. Enter your email address and password, in the case of a registered customer. In case of not being a registered customer, you must fill out a form to register as a user, where will have to inform your address of delivery among other data. If you need invoice, must fill the CIF and company name and click on the checkbox 'I want to use another address for invoicing' and if the address is not the same as the shipping, you need to enter the correct address. Second step.  Forms of delivery. The customer selects the shipping method. In this link you can know the characteristics of the different forms of shipping we have available and choose which best suits your need. You should click on ' I have read the General conditions of sale and accept them without reservation. General conditions of sale '. In this same step you can leave us any clarification deemed important to manage the order. Third step. Choose your mode of payment have three forms of payment: credit card (through bank payment gateway) transfer PayPal Bank – when you place your order, customer we are bidding of purchase of the products you have selected in accordance with these terms and conditions. We, at our discretion, accept or not its offer. -If we accept your order, we will notify the customer our acceptance by issuing an order confirmation. We will send you your order confirmation by email, provided that customer has provided us with your address email in your personal information form. If we cannot accept your order we will try to get in touch with the customer by email or phone. -Although we will make every effort to supply you with the products listed in your order confirmation, there may be occasions where the US is impossible to supply such products because, for example, that such products are not in stock. In these cases we will contact the customer to inform you and may suggest alternative products that you wish to buy. If you do not accept our suggestions we will cancel your order in relation to the products that we can not supply and will refund any sum of money that us has been satisfied by such products. The return of these sums of money will be the limit of our responsibility towards the customer, if we were impossible to provide the requested products. Very occasionally, the prices shown in our Online shop can be specified incorrectly and show a price lower than the corresponding. When this happens, and if we have confirmed your order, we will contact you immediately in order to issue a new order with the correct price confirmation. On the assumption that the price matching is much higher, the customer may cancel your order and we will refund any amount you had already met. -The period of revocation of an order ends at 12: 00 Spanish time (working days) following the formalization of the order, which is when a purchase is deemed closed. During the period of revocation, customer may cancel your order without additional charge.


In the Cantabrian School of surfing you will find two types of products. On the one hand, surfcamp, surf and classes and courses by another Cantabrian School of Surf brand products. It is important to manage shopping/reservations for surf courses, classes or surfcamp is necessary to close the purchase/booking via email or phone at:-E-mail: ecsurf@escuelacantabradesurf.com – phone: (+ 34) 942 510 615 / / 609 482 823 we provide you with the products listed in the confirmation of your order, subject to these terms and conditions.


-We pay great attention to the information concerning the characteristics of the products through descriptions, photos, and videos that inform you of the form as detailed as possible product.

6.       PRICES

-The price of each product determined clearly on the website. The price and conditions of the products offered may vary, but in any case it always govern customer price and conditions that had when you placed the order. -We we reserve the right to charge the order from the moment of its reception. -Sale prices listed in our online store are shown in the following way: If the customer lives in Spain or the European Union, all prices include 21% VAT. In some countries there is the collection of paperwork for customs management, transport company who makes broker charges these costs. Tariffs and customs regulations vary in different countries, and it is difficult to know its operation accurately. -Shipping service costs are not indicated in the price of the products. The shipping service expenses are borne by the customer. You will be informed of such costs before checkout and complete the process of recruitment. For more information see our shipping method. -We we reserve the right to modify our prices at any time. However, we will apply the rates in force indicated on the site at the time of the order by the customer. -We inform you that where an erroneous or manifestly ridiculous price appears and is which is why (computer bug, error manual, technical…), the order will be cancelled even in case of initial validation.


-Must be taken into account that orders will be shipped within limits of available stock. If one of the items ordered is not in stock, we are committed to the customer send an email as soon as possible (from the date in which I order) to communicate the term that we can send you your (s) product (s). Where it was not interested in waiting, you can request the return of the amounts that have been satisfied by that article. -If any of the products of your order, once checked, is not available, we will send the customer the products available. If possible we will propose you an item of quality and equivalent price in place of the unavailable product. If you want to return the substitute product, the eventual expenses shall be borne by the customer.


-If our security system suspect any malfunction or fraud, escuelacantabradesurf.com reserves the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons. -Escuelacantabradesurf.com puts at the disposal of the customer 3 methods of payment: payment by credit card / debit: If you choose the payment card, the customer's order may not be taken into account and not be processed until payment has been authorised by your bank or box. Online with credit card payment will take place through the system Redsys security, through your payment gateway, which encodes your banking information when transmitted over the Internet. For security reasons, escuelacantabradesurf.com verifies all orders paid by credit card. We accept any Visa and Master card given, high in the Verified By Visa secure payment system. In addition, for any order whose amount exceeds a scale set by escuelacantabradesurf.com, ask customer ID and a proof of address which must send us by fax or email appropriately indicated. Similarly, we do not accept American Express. Important: The banking data entered is encrypted and transmitted securely to servers of the entity banking and, subsequently, they are verified with the issuing bank to avoid possible fraud and abuse. This data entry is secured by encryption technology SSL (Secure Socket Layers), one of the most advanced and effective protection systems currently available, thanks to which, no third party will have online access to this information to the Bank data entered by the customer. La Caixa has only access to the banking data linked to these means of payment, so that escuelacantabradesurf.com not known or recorded these details during the payment transaction. Payment by bank transfer: the customer must make the transfer to the account that prompted promptly. At the end of the order, will be shown a screen with all details of the bank account on which must be income. Important: as the transfer concept must indicate the order number. The shipment of the merchandise until the confirmation of the transfer by the Bank will not be. You can also send us a fax or e-mail in which has a copy of the bank transfer to expedite procedures for the shipment. The costs caused by the handling of such transfer are paid by the customer. If you have not specified this reference, the order is cancelled you and money will be returned within 7 days. Payment by PayPal: is one of the systems most used by Internet for payments by credit card. If you choose this method of payment at the time of finalizing your order, you will access directly to the Paypal page. Once on the page, you have the option to connect you with your account (should have one), or make payment directly, by entering the data of your credit card. It is a completely secure transaction. The data entered at no time are displayed or stored by escuelacantabradesurf.com, since the entire process is carried out in own servers of PayPal. More information at www.paypal.com.


-We will send the customer their products to the delivery address entered in your personal information form. -In the web site, specifically in the shopping cart, indicated the amount that amount shipping costs prior to your purchase. -Shipping time includes the following steps: payment validation + order preparation + receipt of the package by the employee of the transport company. -We will deliver product once you have verified that the effective realization of the payment has been correctly implemented.


-All orders will be sent the same day that have been received, provided that the order has been prepared and record your payment before 16:00. Orders made after 16:00 hours, will be shipped the next day. Failure to undertake shipping on Saturday or Sunday. The possible charges or surcharges that exist or may exist, both character of each destination, or customs are paid by the customer, Cantabra Surf school is not responsible for any of these possible additional charges under any circumstances. -Shipping costs are included in the costs for handling, packing, shipping and transport insurance. Peninsular Spain and Portugal: the delivery time varies between 48 and 72 hours, 3-5 days depending on the product and the town of destination. Not done deals Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. You have several bus companies among which we highlight, mail and DHL. Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla have a tax regime different from the peninsular-Baleares Spain and are considered non-EU territories. For that reason, import taxes are not included in the item price and must be paid at destination by the receiver of the goods to the competent authorities. Shipping costs may vary depending on the volume having the merchandise purchased by you and carry including customs clearance charges. If there is any change in them you will be notified by email for approval to the email address listed in your order. The delivery shall be deemed made in the moment in which the carrier has placed products available to the client and this signed receipt of delivery document. Corresponds to the client verify the products upon receipt and expose all the caveats and claims that can be justified in the document of receipt of delivery. If there is any anomaly in the receipt of the goods the customer has 24 hours to make the claim to the transport company. Europe and rest of the world of international shipping: delivery time varies between 6 and 7 days, depending on the service and the country and town of destination. The average time is 8 days, and can become up to 30. They are not made deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Delivery is carried out in the hours between 10:00 and 20:00 hours. In the event that you are not home at the time of delivery, they will try to get in contact with you to arrange a next installment in the date and time that best suits you. All delivery times are approximate, and accepting that they might arise in various problems or delays, the maximum waiting period will be 30 days, they can claim the shipment and resolve any problem with our customers. For European orders for payment processing, payment methods accepted by Cantabra Surf school will be payment by Paypal, bank transfer or credit card / debit.


-If for any reasonable reason you are not satisfied with your order, you have a period of 7 working days, counting from the date of delivery of the order, to return it (according to art. 44 of law 7/1996 of 15 January trade management retail amended by law 47/2002 of 19 December), except for the purchase of products that have been ordered, which do not will be returned. These products are specified in the characteristics of the product. After communicate your desire to make the return via e-mail, we we will show you the direction to which you must send the packet. Just to get the product in perfect condition and in its original packaging, including labels and instructions for use where they exist. The shipping costs for the return of a product are provided by the customer. It is very important for us to return the / perfectly packaged products. In the event that the products are damaged due to improper packaging, we will not admit return. USED items are not never accepted. Once we receive the merchandise in our store and check that all the above conditions occur, escuelacantabradesurf.com will support the return of the product and will proceed to the refund of the amount thereof. Note: In the case of erroneous shipments, all shipping costs shall be borne by Cantabrian School of surfing, after confirmation of these defects or errors, in these cases the company will reserve 20 days after receipt of the goods in our warehouse, and if it is considered as such, be refunded the value of this article together with the costs of return postage. Keep in mind school Cantabra Surf does not support c.o.d. shipments, before making any refund or Exchange please contact us. -The customer must obtain and retain a signed copy of the documentation of delivery provided to you by the carrier at the time of collection.


-Escuelacantabradesurf.com agrees to make available to the customer all necessary information relative to products offered as well as orders. Escuelacantabradesurf.com is not responsible for non-execution of the present conditions in the event of force majeure and in case of lack of customer or an unpredictable fact by a person outside the contract. -The customer agrees to fill in the order forms and their fields according to the instructions provided. Escuelacantabradesurf.com will protect the data in accordance with the law. The customer also agrees to pay the price of the product, with taxes and shipping costs. -Escuelacantabradesurf.com is not responsible for any consequences that may result from improper use of the products sold in its Online Shop


-All reviews written by customers are controlled by the marketing team. If the received opinions violate the law, ethics or morality (abusive advertising, defamation, insults, comments out of context…), escuelacantabradesurf.com reserves the right to reject or modify such opinions. [/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [/ et_pb_section]

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