Firewire Surfboards

Firewire Surfboards are now available at the Cantabria Surf School

Although we are still waiting for all models of firewire surfboards to arrive to the store, today we present some of the models that are already available in our school. Because at the Cantabrian Surf School we are concerned about having the best material available in the surfing world.

Surfboards are our passion and how could it be otherwise the so-called Kelly Slater brand had to have its gap between our material. This new brand of surfboards is causing great curiosity among surfers with an advanced level but we really wonder why they are so fond of firewire surfboards? They are surfboards that stand out for their finishes and variety in shapes and sizes.

Kelly Slater has thought of surfers of all types offering several models adapted to the level of each surfer, taking into account professional surfers, amateurs, even a good option to buy your first surfboard since they have something more hardness and resistance to Impacts due to its construction.

Is firewire a surfboard that offers quality-price? From our point of view it is a table that offers both characteristics. If it is true that you can find cheaper boards in the world of surfing with firewires you have to value the technology behind, the materials and the design together with the team of professional surfers and shapers who make them. Your price is more than justified!

It is also the 1st company that respects the environment. Committed to reducing the carbon footprint in the world without harming the effectiveness of the table when surfing.

These tables only emit 2% of VOC (organic volatile compounds). Unlike traditional tables built with PE / PU. Firewire tables and Kelly models use BIO resin exclusively. It’s more do not use styrene, a known carcinogen.

In its manufacturing process a citrus base is used to maintain its cleaning.

What models are available at the Cantabrian Surf School ?

  • Firewire Dominator

Designed by Dan Mann, of all models, the DOMINATOR is the most versatile model for surfing any type of waves. It is a table with round and wide tail. With songs very lying and retro tip. One of the best selling boards!

tablas de surf firewire

  • Firewire Unibrow

Little sister of the Dominator. It is for a more experienced surfer. It is more balanced in terms of tail and tip. The song is more rounded than the Dominator. It is a more demanding board for mid-level surfer.

tablas de surf firewire


  • Firewire Baked Potato

Designed by Dan Mann is perfect for small waves. Sister of the suit potato with some technical adjustments. It is very good for changes of direction from corner to corner. It has some aggressive double concave. It is also used to catch large waves as long as you have the proper technique.

tablas de surf firewire

  • Firewire Almond Butter

Designed by professional surfer Rob Machado, the Almond Butter Surfboard simply offers fun everywhere. The board is versatile enough to surf in small waves. The board (classic short) design makes it an ideal board for anyone’s fun. Ideal for all types of conditions!

tablas de surf Firewire

  • Firewire The Creeper

A table of your own style. Rob Machado has created a table with very straight edges. A fundamental feature is that the tail and tip are practically the same. It is double concave and has little rocker. A table that allows for fast gear changes and provides effortless gliding.

tablas de surf firewire

  • Firewire Spitfire

With all the advantages of Dominator but even more performance. The SPITFIRE table combines a tail rail and STEP -DOWN diamond glue. It makes a recess in the tail giving the surf more grip without losing speed and floating the Dominator board.

tablas de surf firewire

  • Firewire Tomo-Evo

Evo (Evolution) uses smoother features and more contour curve. The Evo should be considered a good surfboard for surfing the smallest and weakest waves, however, like most Tomo designs, the Evo will also be quite functional in large waves. From songs and straight lines is characterized by having the tip and tail with the same shape.

Tablas de surf firewire

  • Firewire Greedy Beaver

This is a very funny board. Fairly narrow on the tail allowing for plenty of maneuverability. The tip is very similar to that of a mini-malibu. The song is lying down and the tip has a lot of rocker. A very good table for the initiation or for a classic surfer.

tablas de surf firewire