Have you ever surfed in Somo?

Have you ever surfed in Somo?

Somo is one of the best options that exist when choosing a place to learn to surf.

The Somo beach, with its more than 4 km of extension that reach up to 7km of sand when joining with Loredo beach. With this extension it is not uncommon to find a large number of peaks along the entire beach, from the strut area, when there is a lot of sea and you need to shelter behind the Santander bay, to the boat area, just in front of the town from Somo, to all the peaks of left and right that are predominated by the area of ​​the old Somo campsite, the good days of waves… .or the area of ​​the rock, the curve, or the quebrantas, right in the middle of the beach and what somehow separates the Somo beach from the Loredo beach and where we usually receive more waves, since it is perfectly oriented to the open sea and is not affected by the Mouro islands or the Santa Marina Island, mythical places and emblematic of big waves, when the Cantabrian Sea is roaring.

Somo is a perfect surf spot to learn to surf or to perfect those initial knowledge since you will always find a peak according to your level.

On Somo beach you will find waves every day of the year as well as beautiful sunsets on a beach that, being close to an urban center, is very well-kept and remains practically virgin.

With a heart-stopping landscape, Somo beach has become a reference beach for lovers of good surfing. It is one of the meccas of surfing in Spain. Cradle of surfing and the first surf reserve in our country, it should be noted that Somo was one of the first towns in Spain where the authentic surf culture was born and has always been the epicenter of the surfing lifestyle.

The municipality has more than 500 permanent resident local surfers and a strong surfing tradition, who will not mind sharing its waves and secrets with the traveler.

It is also worth noting the other towns in the municipality of Ribamontan al mar, such as the towns of Loredo, Langre and Galizano where you will find waves for all levels.

A few meters from the entrance to the beach you find the Cantabrian Surf School, the first surf school in Spain and one of the tourist engines in the area that has put the town of Somo on the map for many surfers and where they spend each summer hundreds of beginner surfers and surfers wanting to improve and perfect their surfing.

During the summer months the Cantabrian Surf School is a non-stop good vibes. Its experience, professionalism, materials and facilities distinguish it from other surf schools in the area. A great family that will make you feel like you are at home!

The school offers its clients surf courses for all ages and levels. It does not matter if you have never surfed or if you are a professional. The school’s surf courses adapt to all levels and ages.

We do surf courses for children, surf courses for adults, private lessons and if you want to go further we also train children and teenagers at a professional level.

In addition, the school has different accommodation options in the town of Somo, for all budgets and needs. From a Surf House where you can spend an unforgettable surfing vacation, to a Surf Camp, where surf camps are held for children, as well as girls, with its legendary SurfCamps Roxy and surf campus for adults, or the Surf Cabins, with rooms and apartments a foot of the beach in Somo and different options. So, you know, if you are planning your next surfing vacation and want to share experiences, do sports, have a great time and enjoy nature, don’t waste any more time and come surfing to the best beach in the Cantabrian Sea. Somo beach!

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