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Learn skateboarding

Do you want to learn to skate?

Learning to skate in a self-taught way is difficult and carries a high risk of bad falls and injuries. Skateboarding is a sport in which falls are assured and are essential to learn and evolve. But following a correct teaching methodology and with the supervision and help of qualified skateboard monitors, the risks are greatly reduced.

In the Skate classes of the Cántabra Skate School you can learn to skate in a safe and fun way, which allows the student to progress with confidence, evolving faster and learning to skate more effectively.

With our teaching method, our students not only get to learn to skate, but we teach everything about the culture and the rules of the skate, so that they can then develop autonomously in any skatepark or spot in the world. We believe it is important to encourage fellowship and respect for other skaters and for the environment as well as teaching skating.

Learn to skate – Skate lessons

In skateboarding classes at Cántabra Skate School you will learn to skate in small groups with ages and similar levels, which ensures the good atmosphere and maximum use of the skate class.

We have the most qualified skateboard monitors, good connoisseurs of Somo skate park, with many years of experience skating and living and love what they do and will know to transmit all your knowledge about skateboard so you learn to skate in a fast, Safe and fun.

We combine theoretical classes with practices, teach techniques, style and flow between maneuvers. From learning more basic skateboarding to more advanced tricks.

Learn to Skate Basic Skills – Beginner Skate Classes

Learn to skate initiation

For those students who have never skated or are starting, we have beginner skate classes. In these skate classes, we focus on learning to skate in a safe way, strengthening the basic skills of skateboarding, to have a good base to evolve.

We teach correct positioning on the skate board, such as impulse picking, basic maneuvers, skate techniques, risk-free fall techniques, and safety and respect standards.

Learn to skate advanced levelSkating lessons

Learn to skate advanced

In skateboarding classes, students learn to skate at a higher level. We teach advanced tricks and maneuvers with teaching methods that minimize risks and bring confidence to the student.

We teach techniques and style while correcting and debugging faults, it is important to learn to skate with style and flow.

The rhythm of the skate classes is marked by the students, and we adapt to their evolution so they do not get bored and can learn to skate without limits.


The world of skate is very wide and encompasses various modalities and styles, so at the Cántabra Skate School we have classes of different modalities so you can learn to skate the one you like the most.

Learn to Skate – Traditional Skate

Learn to skate in somo

If you want to learn to skate traditional skateboarding, with skateboard classes at the Cántabra Skate School you will learn to move around skatepark with fluency and do ramp and street tricks. The classes will be developed in Somo Skate Park an ideal skatepark to learn and develop your skateboard.

Learning to skate – Carver skateboard

Learn to skate carver

If you want to surf the asphalt, our Carver skateboarding classes are what you are looking for. Thanks to Carver skateboard, we were able to train and simulate the movements of the surf in the asphalt. With this we managed to improve our surf quickly, practicing in a stable environment, in which we can repeat the movements until perfecting them.

Learning to skate – Longboard – Longskate

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The longboard or longskate is a mode that has more and more fans. If you want to learn to skate with longboard, we also have skate classes of this modality. In these skate classes, you can learn to skate different styles within the longskate: dancing, freestyle, or freeride. You choose your style!

Learn to skate longboard

If you want to learn to skate and become a great skateboarder come to learn from the best, we will teach you with a teaching method that takes behind your back more than 25 years of experience.


Contact: David “Capi” & Nacho García.

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