New season Escuela Cantabra de Skate

The good weather returns and with it the desire to surf the asphalt. From the Cántabra Skate School we have updated the information and prices of the skateboard and longboard classes for this season. In addition to the classes you can have test material Carver and in the surf shop of the school to acquire all kinds of material, clothing and accessories.

Cantabra Skate School

The classes will take place every day at the skatepark in Somo, Cantabria. Classes for all ages and levels.

Cantabra Skate School

If you are a skater and have experience, the school is also looking for monitors. You can send your request and CV to

Throughout the summer there will be different camps and remind you that on August 29 will be held the V Championship Skateboard School, within the Festival commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Cantabrian Surf School

Cantabra Skate School

Information & Reservations:

Skateboard Cantabrian School

C / Isla de Mouro Local 10 CP 39140 Somo, Cantabria



Cantabra Skate School