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Stand up paddle

The SUP is a sport that is fashionable, and the truth is that it does not surprise us. Practicing Stand Up Paddle allows you to play sports in a natural environment and be in direct contact with nature in a special way. In addition the level of sports requirement is scalable 100% so anyone can practice SUP. From a trip or quiet ride to a hard and intensive workout, it’s all up to you.

Although in principle it may seem an easy and safe sport, it has the characteristic risks of any sport that develops in a natural environment. Even more so when practicing in the sea or in rivers, where the currents and the inclemencias meteorológicas can play tricks to you.

It also requires a basic technical knowledge to develop the activity well and learn SUP correctly.

So it is 100% recommendable to do some SUP course before venturing on your own.

SUP with the Cantabrian School of SUP.

In the Cántabra School of SUP we have different services around the SUP. SUP initiation and improvement courses in flat waters or Paddle surf, tours and routes in SUP for privileged environments and rental of equipment of Stand Up Paddle.

SUP courses

In the SUP courses of the Cántabra School of SUP we separate the groups by levels and ages, and we adapt to the level and needs of the students. In addition, we have individual SUP classes, which ensures maximum use of the class and even faster and more efficient learning.

We offer courses of SUP in its two modalities: SUP in flat water and SUP of waves or paddle surf.

SUP in flat water


The SUP in flat water develops in calm waters, so it is easier to start and it is advisable to start this way before going to the paddle surf. The SUP in flat water or SUP of crossing is, besides a good form of training, a way to be in contact with the nature of a different form and to discover landscapes inaccessible in another means.


1. Technical explanation on land.

  • Explanation about the basic characteristics and norms of use of the material that will be used throughout the course.
  • Upload to table.
  • Positioning in the table.
  • Rowing on the knee.
  • Get up.
  • Row on foot.
  • Postures of the body, legs and arms.

2. Practical explanation in water.

  • Entry and exit to the water with SAFETY.
  • Balance in water (stretched, sitting and standing).
  • First Paddles.
  • Basic spin.
  • First maneuvers.

Surf SUP or paddle surf

SUP Reentry

Surf SUP or paddle surf is a different way of surfing and catching waves. Thanks to the position (standing in the table), the support of the rowing and the dimensions of the tables of SUP you will see the surfing from a different point of view.

It is a very technical modality and in which we can do damage to ourselves or other people who are surfing at the same peak, so it is imperative to do so safely and the supervision and advice of a good instructor SUP at the beginning, in addition to having An absolute control of the SUP table in calm waters.

  • Entrance to water.
  • Rowing and laying on top of table.
  • Surpassing waves (above the wave).
  • Waiting positions in the table.
  • Turn the table.
  • Take the wave.
  • Take-off and adoption of sliding position: natural and goofy.
  • Sliding in the wave.
  • I quit the wave.
  • Departure of the wave.
  • Fall techniques.
  • Return to shore.

Crossings in SUP

Crossing sup

As we have already said, the SUP is a very good way to practice sports in a natural environment and enjoy landscapes and places from a different point of view, inaccessible in other medium than a SUP table.

In this aspect, the location of the SUP Cántabra School is privileged. In Somo we have incredible landscapes, which from the sea increase even more its appeal.

The bay of Santander, the Cubas estuary, the island of Mouro or the island of Santa Marina, are some of the environments that we enjoy, each one with its thousands of corners and landscapes that you can only discover from the sea in your table Of SUP.

The best way to discover them is the hand of a local guide who can guide you and accompany you to the best sites and also advise you to avoid getting into any mess with the currents or inclement weather.

Rental of SUP material

If you already know how to do SUP and just want to rent the material, we have quality material to rent.

If you want to learn SUP or want to enjoy one of the best environments to practice, come to the Cantabrian Surf School.


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