surf en cantabria

surf in cantabria

Surfing in Cantabria. Paradise for any surfer.


The origins of surfing go back to Polynesia, where it was conceived as the sport of kings. Today, surfing is still much more than a sport on the islands, it is certainly a way of seeing and understanding life.

Surf in Cantabria

According to David “Capi” García, director of the Cántabra Surf School since 1991, the first surf school in Spain and one of the most recognized and prestigious schools in Europe, “One of the essences of surfing is that it does not distinguish between races, Sexes, religions, colors, or social conditions, everyone who sits can surf and can get excited and experience unique things when he is in the water and starts surfing his first waves, sensations that no other sport has been able to provide before. That freedom that gives you, that interconnection with the sea, is unique and innate to surf “

When they ask me why I chose surfing? I think that the surf chose me, it enveloped me, I get hooked and it has never let me escape. In fact, I see myself surfing all my life and I can not imagine what would have been of my life without surfing. Thanks to the Cántabra Surf School , where thousands of students have spent in these more than 25 years, I have learned to answer this question, when I see the children smile when they catch their first waves. Why the surf? Because there is nothing like feeling the magic of the sea.

Surf in Cantabria

“Capi” began surfing as a child at the age of six, when his father pushed him on a wave at Loredo beach . That first wave would change his life forever and soon he would understand that water was the place to which he belonged. Once the saltpeter penetrates his veins, his life has always revolved around surfing. At the age of 16, he decided to leave everything and I set up the Cantabrian Surf School on the beach of Somo , a project that would change his life forever, but also that of many who have started in this legendary school and once have tried surfing, Have decided to take a 360º turn in their lives.

“Without a reference in Spain and with very clear ideas, the school was born with a philosophy, which remains intact until today – explains Capi; Transmit and teach all our knowledge and experience on the world of surfing. To approach this wonderful sport and to make them understand that surfing is not only a sport, but a way of seeing and understanding life … and after more than two decades, I think that has been the success of the school; Knowing how to convey the love we feel for the sea and the waves. “

Surf in Cantabria

Surfing is a sport for all audiences. A few years ago it was a minority sport and with many stereotypes, hippies, drugs … but today, there are university students, doctors, lawyers, who get up early to surf before going to work. It is like a religion that has spread rapidly like bubbles all over the world and whose dimension is still early to evaluate, but it is true that it has helped and strengthened the economy of many peoples around the world and we can speak of an authentic culture and Revolution of surf in all the continents of the world.

There is evidence from all corners of the world, world circuits, Europeans, national and regional tests … the surf industry and the brands move a lot of money and there are now surfers who are real rock stars and who amass fortunes, but that somehow , As it happens with football, is the supply and demand and no doubt they generate and are deserving of those salaries and at the end of everything, nobody reaches the elite of the world surfing only for money, but because they really love surfing.

Surf in Cantabria

Surfing is a very complete sport where we work both the upper and lower train, so it is important to prepare out of the water, something that years ago was not believed and that old surfers thought that the only way to improve in surf was with More hours of water. Today the world’s elite are real athletes and swimming, yoga, gymnastics, elasticity is the daily life of any surfer.

Perhaps, all this explains the rapid evolution that surf has had in recent years in our coasts, but why this evolution of surfing in Cantabria ? Why is it considered the cradle of surfing in Spain?


There are many people who do not know, but surfing in Cantabria has been a pioneer. Cantabria has been the birthplace of surfing in Spain. First surfers, wetsuits, surf boards, 1st surfing schools, surf schools were born here and there is a strong tradition and surf culture, which has been consolidated in recent years with the recognition of the area of ??Ribamontán al Mar, As the first surfing reservation in Spain.

From end to end of Cantabria there are good waves and the number of surfers grows annually on our shores; Although they are mainly sand breakers, less perfect than the waves that connect with the reef and rock bottoms, which create more tubular and fun waves for experienced surfers and that the water in winter is cold and the surf goes by To be an extreme sport, we have a quantity and variety of breakers that has nothing to envy to any part of the world.

Surfing in cantabria


When you ask Capi because he thinks that within the surf in Cantabria the zone of Somo has always been considered as a reference in Spain, it gives us several reasons, but mainly believes that this phenomenon is due to the quality and variety of its waves and That the first surf shop of Cantabria, Xpeedin Surf Shop and 1st surf school of Spain, theCantabrian Surf School were created in Somo in 1977 and 1991 respectively. Logically all the boom of the last years on the part of the private companies and the city council have helped to the evolution of the surf in cantabria, but Somo already was in the route and in the maps of all the surfers for decades. This fame is mainly due to the quality and variety of its waves, which are suitable for all types of surfers, both amateurs and professionals. From its soft waves, like Langre, Loredo and Somo ; To more powerful waves and techniques like Galizano and Santa Marina (one of the jewels of Cantabria). The surf in cantabria enjoys an unbeatable setting, because in a very short distance, you have many good waves, which have nothing to envy to any other part of the world. In addition, we have very good waves throughout the year and this stretch of coast is a magnet, which receives very good swells from all directions.

Surf in Cantabria


It is one of the most emblematic shops in Spain, founded in 1977 by Zalo Campa and Laura Revuelta, also based in Somo. “It was one of those things that happened by chance – explains Capi- Xpeedin and the Cantabrian Surf School are only 50 meters away and we had always been very good with Zalo and Laura. For us they were our idols and the idea of ??collecting his legacy, along with my brother Nacho, seemed a dream to me. I remember how my parents took me to the store when I was little. My first board, my first suit, everything that came from the world of surfing, magazines, videos … we came through Xpeedin. It is a hard core surfing shop in all its essence. It smells of surfing and much of the history of surfing in Cantabria, is enclosed within its walls. Are we really going to take us Xpeedin? It was and is a dream. When I see many kids who enter the store and buy their 1st board or suit, I see their eyes and I totally identify with them. That brilliance, that self-determination, knowing that you have found your identity, that you know what you want to do now and forever. If mama, I want to be a surfer. Taking Xpeedin has not been easy, for us it is not a business , but a legacy, a responsibility, it is our store, it is where we grew up and I hope someday my children will run around the store dreaming of waves.

Surf in Cantabria


“The school, I think it has played an important role in this positioning of Somo, making the town known to many people, not just surfers, something that being of the people, has always filled us with satisfaction. We have always been aware of the privileged place where we have grown up and see how surfing in Cantabria has grown is a joy “- says Capi.

The Cantabrian surf school was born without great pretensions, explains Capi, who taught during the summer and traveled during the winters in search of good waves. Just arrived from a surftrip by Costa Rica and Puerto Rico that philosophy is still maintained.

The CANTABRA SURF SCHOOL was born in 1991, being the first professional school of surfing in Spain, with the help of David “Capi” García, founder and current director of the school. It is currently considered one of the best surfing schools in Europe and is a national reference, with more than 25 years of experience behind it. One of the most renowned and prestigious schools in Europe, due in large part to that it is run by surfers who love surfing. Capi has been champion of Spain and Cantabria of surf. Many years in competition, a lifetime dedicated to surfing and currently an instructor and free surfer. The last 26 years of his life has been centered on instruction, direction of the school. Now you want to share your knowledge and the love and respect you feel for the ocean with you, teaching everyone the magic and the surfing experience. Are you ready?


Capi gives us some keys that differentiate the school from the rest of schools. The first thing is their experience and professionalism. I think we have many of the best monitors in Spain, many of whom are friends of childhood and that family atmosphere and love that we feel for surfing is what we transmit to our students. In addition, being on the beach of Somo, our knowledge about the same and surfing culture of this area facilitates teaching. The focus we give to the classes makes our students learn in a fast, easy, fun and safe way. We always separate groups by age and homogeneous levels, using a ratio of 5 students per monitor, which provides our students with adequate supervision. We teach children and adults, the vast majority of our classes are for beginners, but we also train and train kids facing the competition throughout the year. Somo beach is one of the most consistent beachbreaks in the north of Spain, with more than 7 km of white sand and excellent waves for learning and surfing. It is located 20 minutes from Santander, capital of Cantabria; Can be reached by road or by sea, crossing its bay, ” possibly one of the most beautiful bays in the world “, in a beautiful boat ride. A magical place, where to spend unforgettable holidays. The school, in addition to surfing, teaches Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Skate, runs specialized camps for children and girls offering a very attractive variety for all its students arriving from all corners of the world.

Surf in Cantabria

The Cántabra Surf School is more than just a surf school to use, it has been a way of seeing and understanding life for more than 25 years and whose enthusiasm has infected hundreds of surfers during these more than two decades.


Taking more than half a life in teaching surfing Capi has seen everything, but ensures that if saltpetre gets in the way, you can never disengage. “I have friends who have left everything to go surfing. I personally have sacrificed many things on a personal level for surfing. Surfing has given me everything in my life, the possibility to travel, to know cultures and magical places, great friendships, work … I have much to thank you and I always continue to learn. In the end it is a beautiful madness and know that maybe that was not the best wave of your life and that tomorrow you can get up and get the best is the engine of many every morning. I am very happy to have taught my passion and madness for surfing so many people during these years and in the end I feel a great privilege to live in the sea, because my parents taught me to surf with just 6 years, because thanks to the surf I have traveled Half a world, known thousand cultures and met many of my best friends. For me surfing is a culture, it is not a fad and living for and surfing involves a lot of things, but that addiction is difficult to explain because I myself am more hooked to surf today than I would have ever been and always thinking about surfing Morning session and organizing to pick up the tickets for the next surftrip. In fact, thanks to surfing and school, I have managed to focus my life and get away from many negative things. Surfing has always been my best therapy. I think that after taking more than 25 surfing lessons, you may think that you somehow master the teaching, but in surfing things are not like that. For years my only obsession has been to improve as a surfer, because being a better surfer I thought he could give better classes. Every day there is a different sea, backgrounds change, currents, students are different and surfing is always learning. This I think is one of the main things that draws us all into surfing. If you try it, you’re hooked. I’ve seen it so many times. We have taught so many people and someday, that day when you turn your back on the sea and think you have it mastered, it will be the day when you give a fright. The sea will always be more powerful than you, always, do not forget. During all these years things have not been as easy as many people think, but I’ve always had one thing clear in my head: “Whatever happens in your life, keep paddling”

Surf in Cantabria

What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn to surf?

I would teach you first to understand the sea in a global way, so you can feel safe before entering the water, teach you to understand the material you are going to use, understand the rules and regulations that are in the water and especially the technique Necessary to develop from the beginning in a safe way and having fun from the first contact. Surfing is not just a sport, but a way of seeing and understanding life. A harmony with yourself and nature, which makes this discipline, something so special and that makes you hook any person who tests it for the first time. What I advise is that no one ever underestimates the power of the sea, or turn their backs on them, since a bad reading or decision in the water can have fatal consequences. The sea, like life, gives you little lessons, but every once in a while gives you great advice and your mission as a surfer is to know how to take the constructive part of each session. Every day can be unique and unrepeatable and that is one of the most beautiful things in surfing.

Surf is spoken of as an extreme sport and surely the main mission of surf schools is to minimize those risks, so it is so important to know well before traveling to places and looking for more experienced monitors. Although there are few serious accidents and almost all the balance is summarized in cuts, scars and small lesions of ears, back and especially shoulder dislocations. After a lifetime of practicing it I can guarantee that it is a relatively safe sport, do not forget that after all you practice your sport with your main lifeguard, which is your surfboard.

Since you catch your first waves you are going to start having fun, standing up maybe you are skilled and you get it in your first wave or session, but in learning to surf, I think it is like life, you always learn and it takes a whole lifetime. As in many things, the better you are the more you enjoy, the more and better waves you can catch, to travel surfing more and more dangerous waves, but the surfing I think should be measured by degree of enjoyment and the smile on your face we can put it in the school since the first day.

The surf will not leave you indifferent and I think there are many people who confuse what it is to stand on a board with surfing. For me, there are different degrees in the evolution of surfing, but that’s when the fun begins and your surf begins. When you look at the sea and your vision is different from other people, when you imagine waves, even if that day did not exist, when you see possible breaks in places where there will never be waves, when you understand that your connection to the sea is something else Strong that no connection you have ever had with anything or anyone in this life, because you have long understood that your life would not make any sense without the surf, the waves, the sea, that your only therapy of life is to continue enjoying, Make people enjoy and dream … dream with waves.

Surf in Cantabria


During these last 25 years, the school has promoted surfing in cantabria, and has trained thousands of students, many of whom are now surfers experts and have left their quarry, different champions of Spain. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important surfing quarries in Spain and the legacy of the school is still alive, wanting to convey the magic and beauty of this sport, which for them, is their life. “Surf schools play a major role in the future of surfing. The most important thing in my opinion is teaching the young people the importance of the sea in our lives and the importance of preserving our waves and our oceans, in good conditions, for the use and enjoyment of generations to come. I would teach the real culture of surfing to the youngest, so that they understand that surfing is not just a mass sport, but that there is a whole movement and culture that permeates all our things, good people and people who care about the Environment around them. Surfing is not a recent phenomenon; it has taken thousands of years in our lives and has gone from being the sport of kings in Polynesia to being what it is today, a sport and way of life for many people. Feel that the sea, can teach them many values ??and sensations, that the earth can not give them. The surf schools will play a very important role in this whole process, in the coming years “

The Cantabrian Surf School affirms that there are many ways to teach, but when things are taught from the heart and honesty and above all putting your heart in what is done, the message is always bigger and has greater impact. The future of surfing, as in everything, is in children and fortunately that future is assured.

“EVERYONE should try surfing at least once in their life … it will be an experience you will never forget”



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PLAYA DE SOMO (CANTABRIA). C / Isla de Mouro Local 10 CP 39140

Contact: David “CAPI” / Nacho García.

Tel: (+34) 942 51 06 15/609 48 28 23



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