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Surf in Somo with the Cantabra Surf School

Surf in somo

Summer is here, the water has already warmed up a few degrees and it is time to keep the scarves and neoprene suits 4/3.

June is a great time to surf in Somo . The weather is perfect, summery weather with higher temperatures, longer days and warmer water.

At this time of year the sea usually gives us good waves with few people in the water. June is a transitional month in which there are still not so many people on the water and you can enjoy the surf and the waves to the full with a summery climate. Who does not like to enjoy good waves, with few people on the peaks and with good temperature?

Surfing in Somo is certainly a good choice as it is one of the best beaches in Spain for surfing, if there are no waves here, it will hardly be anywhere else.

The orientation and shape of the beach of Somo allow you to surf almost all the swell with different directions and intensities. If the swell is small and westbound the perfect spot is to the right of the beach where always (or almost always) there are waves. In contrast, the larger the swell or the more swollen is the direction of the swell, in the center peaks and to the left of the beach will begin to break perfect waves.

Surf in somo

As if that were not enough, now the bottoms of the beach of Somo are in perfect conditions and they are giving waves of very good quality along the whole beach.

As for the surfer atmosphere in Somo, it is increasing to become a hive of people with desire to surf and have a good time in one of the epicenters of surf in Spain. The bars and beach are filled with people and good atmosphere.

Surf in somo

So do not think about it any more, look for a place in your agenda and escape for a few days to enjoy or learn to surf in Somo , one of the best places to surf in Spain. And as always, at the Cántabra Surf School we will be happy to help you in whatever you need: surfing lessons, rental of material or just share a conversation about what we like most: SURFING

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