10 Mythical Surf Spots

In this time of communication and very simple ways to plan trips or, at least, allow us to search millions of photographs and videos of places that used to be distant and strange to us, the world offers us authentic paradises for surfing, dreamy beaches and waves They look like science fiction … In this occasion we are going to talk about some of these places, destinations that are on the pending travel lists for surfers and enthusiasts around the world.

This is not a “best …” list, nor is it intended to be ordered by any specific criteria. We speak here of 10 mythical places from around the world without going into comparisons or evaluations, just the pleasure of taking a look at waves and truly wonderful beaches.

1- Banzai Pipeline (HAWAII): We start this list with Hawaii, one of the most coveted destinations by many surfers from around the world. This, also known as the Dry Pipeline, is a very aggressive wave. Tubera. Normally on the left but also on the right, called the backdoor … Sadly, it is also famous for its high danger since it moves very close to the reefs, which has generated many accidents throughout its history.

2- Jeffrey´s Bay (South Africa): The World Surf League Supertubes annual headquarters is considered one of the 5 best surf destinations in the world, and stands out for having a very long and powerful wave of rights.

3- Teahuppo (Tahiti): This wave is considered by many to be the most dangerous and powerful in the world, and one of the most beautiful. Tidal wave left and with an indescribable power breaking over coral at low depth.

4- Bells Beach (Australia): Very long and high quality right, which is the venue for the Bells Beach Surf Classic, established within the world circuit. Its waves stand out for their strength and regularity.

5- Kirra (Aus): One of the most famous waves of the Australian Gold Coast is a very long right with incredibly long tubes that does not have a regular break … A wave of enormous power that intimidates with the high speeds that can be reached .

6- Tavarua (Fiji): Cloudbreak, the most famous in the area, is a long, powerful and piping Left and not suitable for all publics in the open ocean, accessed by boat and located in a reef area , which means that surfing involves experience and prior documentation to avoid accidents. Huge and powerful waves in a natural paradise with crystal clear waters.

7- Mundaka (Basque Country): “La Barra”, considered by many to be the best wave in Europe, is a left that has its best moment in autumn and winter. Long, powerful and with very long tubes at low depth, it is very demanding and a symbol in national surfing.

8- Chicama (Peru): A wave famous for being known as the longest-running candidate in the world. Very long, eternal lefts, which can allow you to be on the table until you get bored or fall from exhaustion (Around 3 minutes). They also have the incentive of being relatively simple for an expert surfer, which makes it an experience that is pure fun.

9 – Skeleton Bay (Namibia): En la costa africana de la república de Namibia se escondía hasta hace pocos años una ola absolutamente espectacular.  Izquierdas con tubos muy largos y potentes, desarrollos larguísimos… En una zona a la que acceder resultaba una auténtica aventura en el desierto pasando parajes inhóspitos hasta la playa. Como sucede con casi todos estos spots, la era de internet la ha popularizado y se ha convertido en objeto de visitas habituales de surfistas viajeros que buscan experimentar sus olas de mas de 2km de longitud.

10 – Sunset (Hawaii): Mythical wave where there are and an inescapable reference for many years as a measure for some of the best surfers in the world, the Sunset Beach wave is defined as unpredictable and is characterized by being a huge right that maintains its structure even with all that strength and size.