The house of marley with Escuela Cantabra de Surf

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The House of Marley with the Cantabra Surf School


Enjoy your music with the best sound quality, enjoy The House of Marley.

The House of Marley burst inside Cantabra Surf School and is that from the first moment we met the brand we felt very identified with their lifestyle – living with humility, honesty, love, dedication in everything you do, worry Not only for your happiness, but also for the happiness of others, to love and give love, to take care of your people and of nature … -.

We had no doubts but it was when we discovered their involvement and respect with the environment and its 1Love project , dedicated to improving the well being of youth, peace and the planet financed through its products when we decided to implement the brand within the school. Because the Cantabra Surf School could not be on another wave. Those responsible for the school have always been lovers of Reggae music and the values ??that Bob Marley conveys. We love being part of a philosophy that works for a better world!

The house of marley

The house of marley

Thus was born The House of Marley, a brand that promotes the values ??of Reggae legend Bob Marley.

Bob Marley was a prophet of music, his words were inspiring to all generations and ethnicities. Bob Marley used his music as a tool to promote his vision of equality, charity and sustainability.

Hence a project led by young entrepreneurs who create products committed to the environment (ECO-FRIENDLY) with the highest quality. Each product is meticulously designed and produced to give the best of itself. His production of headphones, helmets and sound equipment have been developed to achieve a unique sound that takes into account the vision of Marley and that transmits all that energy and emotion that makes you reach the heart.

The house of marley

All its products fulfill two fundamental characteristics:

  1. Superior quality. “Designs full of soul”

All products made by the brand take care of every detail. They are products that have been tested especially with reggae music and that puts special attention to the bass, being this one that leads the force. They offer excellent hearing quality.

They are very resistant products that fulfills the ideology of Marley, his lifestyle.

  1. Respectful towards the environment. “Working for a better world”

The Marley family has always been committed to preserving nature, respecting 100% the environment. #LiveMarley

All of its products are made from renewable materials such as eco-sustainable resources, FSC certified timber, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum.

The house of marley

The house of marley

At Cantabra Surf School you will find all models of headphones and audio systems of the brand (earphones over the ear and earphones for inside the ear, home audio systems and portable audio systems).

Today, The House of Marley is one of the main sponsors of Cantabra Surf School and collaborates in all events organized by the school as well as in its social networks, videos and photographs. 100% committed to the Marley cause.

The house of marley

The house of marley

This is the Marley brand, listening to the best music with the best equipment on the market. Do not think about it anymore and stick to this movement. #LiveMarley

“Music is indispensable in our lives and makes it much more enjoyable. Music makes you cry, makes you laugh, makes you remember but above all it makes you dream! “


Contact: David “Capi” & Nacho García.

Tel .: +34 942 51 06 15/609482823