Types of surfboards for your surfing

Do you want to know what types of surfboards exist in the market for your surfing?

There are numerous types of surfboards for your surfing and surfboards have been evolving over the years. The tables of the 70s, 80s and 90s do not resemble those we currently have in the market improving in construction, materials and shapes.

It is important to adapt the table to the level of surfing that each one has without entering into tastes or fashions. A bad choice of table negatively influences learning so it is very important to keep in mind what type of surfboard is the best option.

To choose the ideal surfboard for your level, from the Cantabra Surf School we leave you a small technical description of each table.Typos of surfboards

Tables of learning

Foam Tables

Surfboards of very large dimensions, with tail and broad tip and with a lot of floating surface. Much volume and rubber keels.

The interior is of cork of pellets (absorbs water) or foam of polypropylene, pp (Does not absorb water). They have stringers that go from front to back to give rigidity to the board. They are covered by high density foam.

Being a surfboard made of cork or foam, it is a soft board, so in case of blow or impact is much smaller than with a table of other materials, therefore it is ideal for beginners as it is safer to learn To rowing, to catch your first waves, to be able to practice the rise and to feel the slip on the waves.

Foam Surfboards

Funboard or Evolutionary

They are larger boards with specific measures (from 6.4 to 7.6) and have a slightly rounded tip making it one of the best options to start surfing.

They provide more stability and buoyancy than a surfboard performance and its design makes it easier to paddle and surf waves from the first day.

The construction of these tables is the same as a conventional table. Made with foam in the interior, coated with fiber and polyester. They can also be made with epoxy resin. Epoxy boards are harder; Having different types of epoxy.

Evolutionary Surfboards

Mini malibu

It is like a mini-longboard, being able to have from 7 to 8.2 feet. It is a large round tipped board. It has good buoyancy which makes them stable and easy paddling. This is also a good option to start in the surf or for the days of small and soft waves.

The surfing of these boards is classic, sliding through the wall of the wave, leaving you carrying and feeling all the energy of the wave.

You can also find them in polyester or epoxy.

Minimalibu Surfboards

Tables for amateur and professional surfers


As it all comes back, the shapes of surfboards come back from the past ‘retro style’ changing materials and their lightness mainly. As its name suggests, they are tables that are inspired mostly in the 80’s with designs in which the main feature is the tail of the table shaped like a fish or swallow and twin-fins, ie 2 large keels.

As for its design is a type of table with volume, with much surface in the middle, little curve and not excessively large (Up to 6.3).

Surfboards are very maneuverable provided you have a good technique. Ideal to learn how to pump and generate speed in any type of wave, no bigger than 1.5m.

To get a good game is ideal to have an average level of Surfing .

Retro Surfboards


It is the most common type of table with the most evolved design.

They are versatile as they offer a good balance between speed and maneuverability and are valid for all wave conditions, as long as you have the right level and technique. It is the type of table more technical so it takes a medium-high level to get all its performance. These tables allow us to close maneuvers, link maneuvers, use the table from edge to edge, generate the speed to finish maneuvers and vary the number of them, surfing in a more radical way.

You can find them with different types of queues:

Round glue ; Gives us more grip and is better for more powerful wave conditions. For maneuvers with a lot of carving.

Cola squash ; Gives us versatility of maneuvers (it is the most used tail in the world)

Cola Fish ; It is a mixture of grip and a lot of maneuverability allowing to close the transition between maneuver and maneuver.

Surfboards shortboard


These sharpened tails and tails are specially designed for surfing large waves. They are usually higher against the larger the size of the waves to be surfed. This long and sharp table design allows you to accelerate and catch speed in large waves, while maintaining great stability thanks to its sharp design. It takes a high level to master these tables.



Large table, round toe also called plank. Ideal for small and medium waves, and if the ‘surfero’ has experience it is also good for big waves. They are used for a type of surf with maneuvers characteristic of this type of table. Easy to paddle but difficult to climb when the waves are a bit bigger.

There are two ways to interpret the longboard;

Classic form with classic maneuvers, walking, crossing the feet towards the tip of the table. In a very natural and purist way.

Or on the contrary in a more radical way, trying to surf with the longboard as if it were a shortboard.

Longboard Surfboards

By School Cantabra De Surf