It is an honor and a privilege for us to announce the recent agreement that the Cantabrian Surf School has signed with the international brand House of Marley .

As many of you know, the Cantabrian Surf School celebrates its 25th anniversary this year in teaching surfing. Surf school number 1 in Spain and one of the most prestigious and recognized schools in Europe, happens to be inside the surf team Marley.

Both houses join forces and merge, with a common goal, to continue to maintain the spirit and legacy of Bob Marley in Spain.

The school has always been a lover of Reggae music, Rastafari philosophy and the Reggae movement. Bob Marley fans since they were very young, being raised on the beach near the sea, we have always had that special connection with the vibrancy and Jamaican rhythm.

The American brand, of Jamaican influence, lands in Spain by the company Avantia http://www.sistemasavantia.com/ a young company, with many ideas and desire to push the brand to the place it deserves in the national panorama .

Marley is committed to the cause, just as the Cántabra Surf School is with different actions and foundations that has been carried out during the last years, determined to give back what they receive. This is one of Marley’s most important slogans, as its products support the 1Love foundation, the charitable organization of the Marley family. This global movement is dedicated to the support of youth, the planet and peace.

How not to be within this project?

Take a look and learn more about the 1Love project on its 1love.org website.

As if these reasons were not few, the House of Marley project has a surfing equipment and being a legacy of Bob Marley to its children, those responsible for the brand, takes into account the value of the family, something to We are so important.

Surfing figures such as Hawaiian legend Michael Ho and his son Mason, current big wave champion, Hawaiian, Makua Rothman, or the Australian brothers Owen and Tyler Wright are among the international surf surfing team.

#LIVEMARLEY for us is to live with humility, honesty, love and dedication in everything you do. It is to follow your heart at all times, to worry not only for your happiness, but for that of others. It is loving and giving love. It is taking care of your people, your values ??and nature. It is to share the aloha spirit of respect, happiness and love for the sea. It is being yourself, without worrying about what others think of you. To live like Marley, is to shout to the four winds the proclamation “One love, One Aim, One Destiny”. Surely if Bob lived today he would also shout “JahAloha”. The legend is still alive.


The Marley movement is still alive, so House of Marley is a living brand. The movement creates emotional connections through all the paths of life. It is about equality, freedom and charity. It is based on honesty, integrity and care of the planet and nature. The importance of giving happiness and giving back, doing things right.

Their product has already been tested by the surf team of Cantabria surf school and is now available for sale in our surf shops. For all those interested in purchasing your product in your stores we encourage you to contact http://www.sistemasavantia.com/

#LIVEMARLEY The House of Marley is based on superior principles of quality, with a total commitment to a friendly use of our land and the global causes of charity.

Determined to drive lives through great experiences in the product as well as using procedures in their production that will help the efforts of all those who live their lives to make our world a better place.

The House of Marley serves the best products inspired by Bob Marley, which will provide you with a unique, lasting and fun experience. Each product is meticulously designed and produced to give the best of itself. Their production of high-end headphones have been developed to get the signature ” Marley sound ” getting all that energy, emotion and details of each recording. Marley helmets and portable sound systems will play your favorite music smoothly, with a powerful bass, surprisingly accurate and energetic final ends. Each product carries a unique customization to achieve the most realistic and powerful sound possible.

Marley accessories perfectly combine the shape and functionality of each design through each category. From its militia-inspired malting, to its refined and expressive line of watches, every product is built with sustainable materials, always under the friendly values ??of earth protection and designed to cover your most personal style.

Friendly with the earth and working for a better world. So are Marley products, which are built with environmentally friendly materials, including their exclusive REWIND ™ cotton and textile yarns, recycled plastics and metals, bamboo and certified wood. Making decisions for purposes that allow for greater and deeper experience, which undoubtedly results in surprisingly positive changes.

That’s how to live like Marley, that’s how you listen to the best sound on the market today. Do not think about it any more, join a movement, that is not passing, it is the Marley movement, share it, feel it, enjoy it #LIVEMARLEY

Text: Cantabrian Surf School

Information & Order- Avantia http://www.sistemasavantia.com/