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The best stand up paddle material

Paddle SUP

We have the best stand up paddle equipment both to get you started on SUP, and if you are already an expert in paddle surfing. If your sport is SUP, do not leave this section. And if you want to give SUP classes, both flat water and waves, or go on a SUP excursion or trip with the Cantabra School of Sup.

Let's Go SUPing

The stand up paddle SUP has gained popularity in recent years thanks to the accessibility of the sport. A different way of seeing the sea, of moving through the water and where the possibilities are endless. From paddle surfing on waves, touring sup, flat water sup, or even river sup. Suitable for all ages and audiences.

The revolution of the inflatable SUP

In the SUP world, inflatable sups have revolutionized the market. Their ease of transport in the car, the safety they provide and, of course, the accessibility of their prices, compared to rigid SUP boards, have made these SUP boards here to stay.

SUP Classes and Tours

At the Escuela Cántabra de SUP we carry out sup classes for both waves and flat water throughout the year. We have a SUP school on the beach in Somo, Cantabria, where we hold paddle surf classes. We also have different excursions and crossings to enjoy an unforgettable SUP day. It is an accessible sport suitable for all ages, where you will enjoy from the first day.

SUP Accessories

The main SUP accessories that you will need are SUP fins, where you can play with the different sizes and shapes, as well as SUP inventions, smooth or phone, covers for protect your SUP board and paddles, from different materials and constructions.