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The best wetsuits on the market


If you have fallen into this section we understand that, like us, unfortunately you do not live in the Caribbean or in a warm tropical place and you will need a wetsuit to stay warm in the water and lengthen your surf sessions. In our online surf shop you will find a large selection of surf suits for the whole year: winter wetsuits, spring wetsuits, summer wetsuits, as well as neoprene accessories, surf lycra, neoprene vests, hats, gloves and surf boots. Enjoy surfing and take care of your surfing.

The importance of a good surf wetsuit

After the surfboard, the wetsuit is the most important piece. It will be your second skin and what will allow you to extend your surfing sessions. Depending on where you usually surf, you will need a surf suit of more or less thickness. The difference in prices is due to the quality of the materials, the sealing of the wetsuits and if the brand influences it, but there are surf brands that have been specialized and innovating for years and it is worth spending the money on a surf suit of quality.

The best brands in wetsuits

We have the best surfing wetsuit brands on the market: Oneill wetsuits, Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong, Rip Curl, Vissla, Volcom, Hurley... Of course you can buy a cheap wetsuit at the decathlon , or a soft brand on the internet, but apart from having your neck skinned and being cold, cheap ends up being expensive and you will end up going through the surf shop twice.

Wetsuits for everyone

We have a wide variety of men's surf suits in all thicknesses, as well as summer wetsuits. Also the latest in neoprene for women, with the latest trends and news. For the little ones, surf suits with cool colors and sizes from baby. Wetsuits Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong, Rip Curl, Oneill, Vissla, Volcom, Hurley...

Surf Accessories

In our online surf shop you will find a wide selection of surf accessories, both for surfing in summer and to be more protected in winter. Surf accessories such as booties, surf gloves, neoprene caps will be necessary if you surf in cold waters. Meanwhile, other accessories such as surf shorts, vests or neoprene jackets are always useful for surfing in summer, or if you are lucky enough to surf in warm waters or go on a surf trip.