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The best bodyboard material


If your sport is bodyboarding, in this section you will find a selection of the best Bodyboard brands, with a wide variety of bodyboards, bodyboard inventions, body covers, fins and accessories. Whatever your level, we have what you are looking for. And if you are looking for bodyboard classes, do not hesitate to contact the Escuela Cántabra de Bodyboard</ a>.

The world of bodyboarding

The bodyboard has undergone a great revolution in recent years, both in materials, shapes, qualities and bodyboard accessories. As a bodyboard school, we try to be up to date with the latest trends and within our online store you will find the latest in the world of bodyboarding. Take into account your weight, height, level and type of wave that you will usually surf when choosing your bodyboard.

Wide variety of bodyboard materials

What we have always called the cork, the paipo or the boogie has now become more complicated, with other terminologies that echo the wide variety of types of bodyboards that you can find in the market. PE bodyboards, PP bodyboards, NRG bodyboards, EPS bodyboards, with Quad Concave or the classic Drop Knee bodyboards.

Bodyboard Accessories

If the bodyboard is important, so will be the choice of essential accessories for it, such as surf fins. There is a great variety of fins and each master has his booklet, on the hardness and size of the blade to propel himself. The most classic bodyboard inventions are the wrist ones, but if you are going to do maneuvers or you like to drop knee, the biceps inventions will be more comfortable for you. Don't forget to enter the water without a fin holder.

Sniper Bodyboard

It is a brand with which we have been working for years, official sponsor of the Cantabrian Bodyboard School. and that has world champions and which we follow for its quality, revolution in shapes and materials and that we recommend 100%. Sniper bodyboards are both for beginners and if you are an experienced rider.