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In this section you will find a wide variety of surfboards for all levels. Initiation surfboards, but also surfboards for more experienced surfers. Also a wide variety of surf accessories, such as surf inventions, grips, covers, surf fins and all kinds of surf accessories to be well equipped. And if you want to learn to surf or improve your surfing, we are waiting for you at the Escuela Cántabra de Surf.

Surfboards for everyone

There is a world of shapes, materials and shapes when it comes to surfboards. When making your selection of surfboard it will be important to take into account your weight, height, level of surfing and type of wave that you are going to surf regularly. We recommend you start on a softboard, they are the ones we use in surf schools, and go through different stages, from the evolutionary boards, or mini malibus, until you reach your ideal shortboard

Draw different lines with your surfboard

If you like other types of sensations and within your board quiver you want to add other types of surfboards, or be a joy and catch waves well in summer, or when the waves are of lower quality, retro surfboards, hybrid boards, fishes…they are fun boards, with which you always scratch good baths. Remember that if you don't want to take risks, we have a second-hand surfboard section.

Add extras to your Surfboard

Surf accessories will make you expand the range of possibilities with your surfboard. Fins especially can make the same surfboard perform differently and even though they look expensive, imagine having a different board just by changing your fins. Grips for many surfers are essential and there is a world of possibilities. An accessory that is your lifesaver is the invention or leash. Don't skimp and get a good invention. Other accessories such as surf covers will extend the life of your surfboard.

Much more than a surf school

Finally, in this section we have included a selection of surf accessories that we believe will be in your daily life, such as surf locks, sun creams, buckets, changing mats, showers, accessories for the car, refrigerators, repair kits, surf guides and books, paraffin wax and other accessories for your daily surfing.