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The best longboard material


Longboards are large boards ideal for surfing softer waves and that provide other types of sensations to the surfer and where style and technique are key. Longboarding is one of the purest disciplines of surfing and where materials are essential. Here you will find a wide selection of longboards and accessories for all longboarding lovers.

Add a Longboard to your life

If you add a longboard to your surfboard quiver bad surfing days will be over and oil will be pumped out of mediocre bathrooms, crowded summer days and soon it will become one of your favorite toys. The essence of surfing and its roots are here and if you go deeper into the world of longboarding it will not let you go.

Play with the Fins and Shapes

The choice of longboard surfboard will depend on the type of surfing you like to do. There are more high performance longboards, to attack the waves almost like with a shortboard and purer boards to run down the board and go towards the nose. If you also combine your board with different fins, single fin, put stabilizers, change the size of the surf fins, you will have several boards in one.

Longboard Accessories

There is a world of possibilities in longboard accessories. Only the world of longboard fins itself is already a separate and exciting chapter to study and understand. Longboard covers are important to take care of your longboard and the choice of your longboard invention will depend on whether you want to do a more progressive or more classic surfing and walk and go towards the tip, where the roller invention is recommended.

Hang 5, Hang 10 and Fun

If surfing is an art, longboarding is its highest expression. The beauty of the movements, the coordination, the style and the possibilities of drawing different lines make this discipline magical. There is nothing more fun than surfing a wave nailing a hang 5 or hang 10 on the tip. That is pure surfing.