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Deck HS Hypto Krypto Twin 5.6 Future Flex FCSII

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5.6 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8 x 28.43L
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The Hypto Krypto Twin is a performance keel fin design, with versatility and forgiveness allowing ease of transition from your other boards to this shape. It features a slightly tighter swallow tail and fins set further back to set the tail into the wave and bring control and smooth rail to rail transition. It feels and rides very similar to the Hypto Krypto with the wide point set forward, high volume up under the chest, and concaves that are smooth and fast to surf on. It is a great all round keel fin twin design that will feel comfortable under your feet in all types of waves.

SKILL LEVEL - All Levels

The Hypto Krypto Twin is suitable for intermediate to experienced surfers. Ride it the same dimensions as your Hypto Krypto or 4-5 less than your shortboard with 1-3L extra volume.


With great paddle power, and plenty of speed, you will be able to draw lines and flow in all types of waves up to 8ft faces.

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